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About Costa Rica

    Where is Costa Rica?

    Flag of Costa Rica Central America, bordering both the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean, between Nicaragua and Panama

    Capital: San Jose Coordinates: 9° 56" North, 84° 4" West
    Map of Costa Rica

    What is the Costa Rica weather like?

    Tropical and subtropical; dry season (December to April); rainy season (May to November); cooler in highlands

    Traveling to Costa Rica

    Traveling by air

    There are 161 airports in Costa Rica, 47 of which are paved.

    Traveling by car

    There are 39,018 Km of highways in Costa Rica.

    Traveling by water

    There are 730 Km of waterways in Costa Rica.

    The most important ports and harbours are in major seaport(s): Atlantic Ocean (Caribbean) Puerto Limon; Pacific Ocean - Caldera.

    Traveling by train

    There are 278 Km of railways in Costa Rica.