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About Jordan

    Where is Jordan?

    Flag of Jordan Middle East, northwest of Saudi Arabia, between Israel (to the west) and Iraq

    Capital: Amman Coordinates: 31° 56" North, 35° 55" East
    Map of Jordan

    What is the Jordan weather like?

    Mostly arid desert; rainy season in west (November to April)

    Traveling to Jordan

    Traveling by air

    There are 18 airports in Jordan, 16 of which are paved.

    There are 1 heliports in Jordan.

    Traveling by car

    There are 7,203 Km of highways in Jordan.

    Traveling by water

    The most important ports and harbours are in major seaport(s): Al 'Aqabah.

    Traveling by train

    There are 507 Km of railways in Jordan.