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About Kuwait

    Where is Kuwait?

    Flag of Kuwait Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf, between Iraq and Saudi Arabia

    Capital: Kuwait City Coordinates: 29° 22" North, 47° 58" East
    Map of Kuwait

    What is the Kuwait weather like?

    Dry desert; intensely hot summers; short, cool winters

    Traveling to Kuwait

    Traveling by air

    There are 7 airports in Kuwait, 4 of which are paved.

    There are 4 heliports in Kuwait.

    Traveling by car

    There are 6,608 Km of highways in Kuwait.

    Traveling by water

    The most important ports and harbours are in major seaport(s): Ash Shu'aybah, Ash Shuwaykh, Az Zawr (Mina' Sa'ud), Mina' 'Abd Allah, Mina' al Ahmadi.