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File: config.epay.php

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File: config.epay.php
Role: Configuration script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Configuration file for each profile. This also includes testing environment access informatin, if that profile has it (read the comments). Whenever setting up a e-payment link, this file should be configured accordingly.
Class: Estonian e-payments solution
Submit payments to Estonian and Finnish banks
Author: By
Last change: Version number update
Date: 3 years ago
Size: 7,238 bytes


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// Estonian e-payments system 1.4
    // Kristo Vaher 2011 http://www.waher.net
    // Licensed under LGPL http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-3.0.txt
    // Published http://waher.net/archives/852
    //This is configurations file for different e-payment profiles
    //Make sure to define 'hash' for each profile as unique for each project for security reasons

    //--- SWEDBANK (EST)
$config['swed-est']['service']='swed-est'//This is the service profile used, you can define multiple e-payments using the same service
$config['swed-est']['settings']['service-url']='https://www.swedbank.ee/banklink'//this is provided by swedbank, this is actual live URL
$config['swed-est']['settings']['client-private-key']=file_get_contents_with_check('./swed-est-client-private.pem'); //location of the clients private key
$config['swed-est']['settings']['bank-public-key']=file_get_contents_with_check('./swed-est-bank-public.pem'); //location of the banks public key
$config['swed-est']['settings']['VK_SND_ID']=''//service provider id, provided by swedbank
$config['swed-est']['settings']['VK_ACC']=''//client account number, provided by swedbank or client
$config['swed-est']['settings']['VK_NAME']=''//client name, provided by swedbank or client
$config['swed-est']['hash']='test'//assign this different for each project!
    //--- SEB (EST)
        //Example configuration here uses testing environment, these details should be replaced with live environment when implemented
        //Testing details (user: kauptest, password:testime)
        //Testing password chart
        // 1 102837    11 976783    21 581593
        // 2 298024    12 163683    22 539318
        // 3 514571    13 944465    23 933270
        // 4 682336    14 785522    24 247735
        // 5 543370    15 259823    25 927994
        // 6 976413    16 767183    26 723836
        // 7 713736    17 108445    27 190851
        // 8 110516    18 055863    28 373195
        // 9 545687    19 211460    39 891437
        // 10 846359    20 128816    30 896282
$config['seb-est']['service']='seb-est'//This is the service profile used, you can define multiple e-payments using the same service
$config['seb-est']['settings']['service-url']='https://www.seb.ee/cgi-bin/unet3.sh/un3min.r'//this is provided by seb, this is actual live url
$config['seb-est']['settings']['service-url']='https://www.seb.ee/cgi-bin/dv.sh/un3min.r'//this is provided by seb, this is seb test URL
$config['seb-est']['settings']['client-private-key']=file_get_contents_with_check('./seb-est-client-private.pem'); //location of the clients private key
$config['seb-est']['settings']['bank-public-key']=file_get_contents_with_check('./seb-est-bank-public.pem'); //location of the banks public key
$config['seb-est']['settings']['VK_SND_ID']='testvpos'//service provider id, provided by seb
$config['seb-est']['settings']['VK_ACC']='10002050618003'//client account number, provided by seb or client
$config['seb-est']['settings']['VK_NAME']='Keegi'//client name, provided by seb or client
$config['seb-est']['hash']='test'//assign this different for each project!
    //--- SAMPO (EST)
$config['sampo-est']['service']='sampo-est'//This is the service profile used, you can define multiple e-payments using the same service
$config['sampo-est']['settings']['service-url']='https://www2.sampopank.ee/ibank/pizza/pizza'//this is provided by sampo, this is actual live url
$config['sampo-est']['settings']['client-private-key']=file_get_contents_with_check('./sampo-est-client-private.pem'); //location of the clients private key
$config['sampo-est']['settings']['bank-public-key']=file_get_contents_with_check('./sampo-est-bank-public.pem'); //location of the banks public key
$config['sampo-est']['settings']['VK_SND_ID']=''//service provider id, provided by sampo
$config['sampo-est']['settings']['VK_ACC']=''//client account number, provided by sampo or client
$config['sampo-est']['settings']['VK_NAME']=''//client name, provided by sampo or client
$config['sampo-est']['hash']='test'//assign this different for each project!
    //-- NORDEA (EST)
        //Example configuration here uses testing environment, these details should be replaced with live environment when implemented
        //Testing details (customer number: 111111, password:1111)
$config['nordea-est']['service']='nordea-est'//This is the service profile used, you can define multiple e-payments using the same service
$config['nordea-est']['settings']['service-url']='https://netbank.nordea.com/pnbepay/epayn.jsp'//this is provided by nordea, this is actual live url
$config['nordea-est']['settings']['service-url']='https://netbank.nordea.com/pnbepaytest/epayn.jsp'//this is provided by nordea, this is test environment url
$config['nordea-est']['settings']['private-key']='LEHTI'//this is provided by nordea
$config['nordea-est']['settings']['RCV_ID']='12345678'//this is provided by nordea
$config['nordea-est']['hash']='test'//assign this different for each project!
    //--- SAMPO (FIN)
$config['sampo-fin']['service']='sampo-fin'//This is the service profile used, you can define multiple e-payments using the same service
$config['sampo-fin']['settings']['service-url']='https://verkkopankki.sampopankki.fi/SP/vemaha/VemahaApp'//this is provided by sampo, this is actual live url
$config['sampo-fin']['settings']['private-key']=''//this is provided by sampo
$config['sampo-fin']['settings']['KNRO']=''//this is provided by sampo
$config['sampo-fin']['hash']='test'//assign this different for each project!

    //-- NORDEA (FIN)
$config['nordea-fin']['service']='nordea-fin'//This is the service profile used, you can define multiple e-payments using the same service
$config['nordea-fin']['settings']['service-url']='https://solo3.nordea.fi/cgi-bin/SOLOPM01'//this is provided by nordea, this is actual live url
$config['nordea-fin']['settings']['private-key']=''//this is provided by nordea
$config['nordea-fin']['settings']['RCV_ID']=''//this is provided by nordea
$config['nordea-fin']['hash']='test'//assign this different for each project!
    //--- ESTCARD (EST) (mastercard, visa, etc)
        //please note that estcard solution requires feedback URL to be handled a little differently, it is registered in estbank and not assigned here, in settings
$config['estcard-est']['service']='estcard-est'//This is the service profile used, you can define multiple e-payments using the same service
$config['estcard-est']['settings']['service-url']='https://pos.estcard.ee/webpos/servlet/iPAYServlet'//this is provided by estcard, this is actual live url
$config['estcard-est']['settings']['SERVICE']='KoneluxEE'//this is provided by estcard
$config['estcard-est']['settings']['client-private-key']=file_get_contents_with_check('./estcard-est-client-private.pem'); //location of the clients private key
$config['estcard-est']['settings']['bank-public-key']=file_get_contents_with_check('./estcard-est-bank-public.pem'); //location of the banks public key
$config['estcard-est']['hash']='test'//assign this different for each project!