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File: Documentation_and_Demo/syntaxhighlighter/compass/_theme_template.scss

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File: Documentation_and_Demo/syntaxhighlighter/compass/_theme_template.scss
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Easy Tables
Show, edit and export database table records
Author: By
Last change:
Date: 9 months ago
Size: 3,489 bytes


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$background:					white !default;

$line_alt1_background:			$background !default;
$line_alt2_background:			$background !default;

$line_highlighted_background:	#e0e0e0 !default;
$line_highlighted_number:		black !default;

$gutter_text:					#afafaf !default;
$gutter_border_color:			#6ce26c !default;
$gutter_border:					3px solid $gutter_border_color !default;

$toolbar_collapsed_a:			#00f !default;
$toolbar_collapsed_a_hover:		#f00 !default;
$toolbar_collapsed_background:	#fff !default;
$toolbar_collapsed_border:		1px solid $gutter_border_color !default;

$toolbar_a:						#fff !default;
$toolbar_a_hover:				#000 !default;
$toolbar_background:			$gutter_border_color !default;
$toolbar_border:				none !default;

$code_plain:					black !default;
$code_comments:					#008200 !default;
$code_string:					blue !default;
$code_keyword:					#006699 !default;
$code_preprocessor:				gray !default;
$code_variable:					#aa7700 !default;
$code_value:					#009900 !default;
$code_functions:				#ff1493 !default;
$code_constants:				#0066cc !default;
$code_script:					$code_keyword !default;
$code_script_background:		none !default;
$code_color1:					gray !default;
$code_color2:					#ff1493 !default;
$code_color3:					red !default;

$caption_color:					$code_plain !default;

// Interface elements.
.syntaxhighlighter {
	background-color: $background !important;

	// Highlighed line number
	.line {
		&.alt1 { background-color: $line_alt1_background !important; }
		&.alt2 { background-color: $line_alt2_background !important; }
		// Highlighed line
		&.highlighted {
			&.alt1, &.alt2 { background-color: $line_highlighted_background !important; }
			&.number { color: $line_highlighted_number !important; }
	table {
		caption {
			color: $caption_color !important;
	// Add border to the lines
	.gutter {
		color: $gutter_text !important;
		.line {
			border-right: $gutter_border !important;
			&.highlighted {
				background-color: $gutter_border_color !important;
				color: $background !important;
	&.printing .line .content { border: none !important; }
	&.collapsed {
		overflow: visible !important;
		.toolbar {
			color: $toolbar_collapsed_a !important;
			background: $toolbar_collapsed_background !important;
			border: $toolbar_collapsed_border !important;
			a {
				color: $toolbar_collapsed_a !important;
				&:hover { color: $toolbar_collapsed_a_hover !important; } 
	.toolbar {
		color: $toolbar_a !important;
		background: $toolbar_background !important;
		border: $toolbar_border !important;
		a {
			color: $toolbar_a !important;
			&:hover { color: $toolbar_a_hover !important; } 
	// Actual syntax highlighter colors.
	.plain, .plain a { color: $code_plain !important; }
	.comments, .comments a { color: $code_comments !important; }
	.string, .string a { color: $code_string !important; }
	.keyword { color: $code_keyword !important; }
	.preprocessor { color: $code_preprocessor !important; }
	.variable { color: $code_variable !important; }
	.value { color: $code_value !important; }
	.functions { color: $code_functions !important; }
	.constants { color: $code_constants !important; }
	.script {
		font-weight: bold !important;
		color: $code_script !important;
		background-color: $code_script_background !important;
	.color1, .color1 a { color: $code_color1 !important; }
	.color2, .color2 a { color: $code_color2 !important; }
	.color3, .color3 a { color: $code_color3 !important; }