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File: manuscript/
Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PIMF
Framework for Web application development
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Feature overview

  • Completely unit tested in PHP version 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6
  • Configuration into common and fast way as array
  • Intelligent bootstrapping depending on the configuration, the framework can bootstrap in testing or production mode.
  • Resolver that resolves the user requests to controller and action.
  • Controller and actions can be accessed from the browser and from the command line interface.
  • Controller based on the most popular design patterns for controllers. Action naming likepublic function searchAction()* convention If available usesinit()* for pre-initializing before an action is proceeded.
  • Request Manager: for controlled access to the global state of the world. * Can manage: POST, GET, CLI params and SERVER. * Avoids XSS and directory traversal attacks * Delivers methods for retrieving all server and execution environment information.
  • View: a simply view for sending and rendering data * JSON: can send data using predefined models HTML: can bind predefined template partialsPHTML* and render them with preassigned variables * easy customizing of 500 and 404 pages * supports template-engines like Twig and Haanga
  • Session Manager: delivers methods for save session handling.
  • Entity Manager: based on PDO it is a general manager for data persistence and object relational mapping. * Supports the following databases out of the box: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server. * Loads the predefined data mappers and can manipulate data at the database. * Extends PDO for save transactions and can handle with multiple nested transactions.
  • Data Mappers: for mapping the domain models to the persistence layer. * Can implement a identity map. By using Data-Mapper pattern without an identity map, you can easily run into problems because you may have more than one object that references the same domain entity.
  • Logger: with common logging options into a file. User has to define a temporary directory for logging 0777. * Can separate log messages to errors, warnings, debugging, info. * If PHP`s display errors is off, so only errors will be logged = production.
  • Util Farm: a bunch of useful and proved utilities, making our programmers live easier. Serializer that supportsigbinary* if activated, for faster serialization. * XML Convertiner - XML to DOMDocument or SimpleXMLElement or to Array. * Message Formater * UUID Generator * String Util Methods * Identifier Generator * Validation - fast and secure validators for common data types. * Filtering - tainted data filtering.