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Class Author Age in days
Get configuration from files, pages and databases
By Italy 1
SQL Proc Func
Run stored procedures and queries read from files
By Hungary 2
PHP HTTP object client
Send HTTP requests and process responses
By Poland 3
Cripto PHP
Encrypt and decrypt PHP source code files
By Spain 4
Master Class SubClass
Create and manage hierarchies of classes
By United States 5
Simple Static Basket
Manage shopping baskets stored in sessions
By Hungary 6
Database ORM Builder
Generate MySQL Object Relational Mapping classes
By United States 7
Realtime PHP Currency Exchange
Convert currency amounts using different sites
By India 8
PHP CPU Frequency Tuner
Calculate approximate frequency of AMD CPU
By Germany 9
Create threads and send messages between them
By Moldova 10
Lou GenPass
Generate a random password and a hash
By Portugal 11
HTML5 Builder
Generate HTML documents programmatically
By Spain 12
Prev Next Pagination
Generate links for paginated listings
By Nepal 13
PHP OpenStreetMap Mapnik Tile Cache
Get and serve cached OpenStreetMap tile images
By Namibia 14
Database abstraction layer that maps data types
By Argentina 14
Create Table PDO
Create and drop database tables using PDO
By Poland 15
PHP Autotest
Run automated test again when project files change
By Russian Federation 15
PHP Fast IP Address Locator
Get the location of an IP using IPLocation files
By Hungary 16
PHP Barcode Checker (EAN/JAN/UPC/GTIN)
Detect type and check EAN and UPC barcodes
By The Netherlands 16
Currency Conversion
Convert currency amounts using Google Finance
By Pakistan 17
Advanced HTML Dom
Parse HTML and XML documents into DOM objects
By Philippines 17
Telescopic Encryption
Encrypt text using part result to encrypt the rest
By India 18
Calcula Juros
Calculate loan interest rate
By Brazil 19
PHP Weather
Show widgets of weather got from OpenWeathermap
By Egypt 20
Easy Tables
Show, edit and export database table records
By El Salvador 21
Test sites verifying if responses match XML specs
By France 21
PHP Git Client Class
Access files in Git repositories in pure PHP
By Portugal 23
Scrape and parse Wikipedia page content
By India 24
Log error messages to a file or the console
By Taiwan 25
Simple Uploader
Validate and save uploaded files
By Spain 26
First Name
Get the first name from a person full name
By Brazil 27
Security Helper
Validate user input for security purposes
By Iran 28
Generate fortune telling with the book of changes
By Germany 28
PHP Contact Form Generator
Validate contact form and send details by email
By Brazil 29
PHP Lipsum Generator
Generate random text based on lorem ipsum template
By Denmark 29