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Latest PHP specialists forum threads

Subject Updated on
PHP Security Concerns in Core Banking Solution
What are the future security measures
multidimensional arrays
Need to assign variables accessible from argument
php aes ccm mode
php aes ccm mode
PHP + Node.js
Communicate php with node server
I need Very Fast Curl Class
The fastest curl class req
Accounting system with PHP and MySQL
accounting system
How to show Please wait or .gif animation while ajax still calls
How to show Please wait or .gif animation while ajax still calls
One file drop as a temporary fix
Call API with PHP
I need to know how to call an API with PHP
Why my class is not yet approved from 10 days ?
Its been a 10 days now but no update on my package ?

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Latest class support forum threads

The discussion forums about other classes may be found using a link in the respective classes' pages that says "Support forum".

Subject Posted on Class
session parameters not being set 2015-09-03 PHP OAuth API
I think it can be very useful. 2015-09-03 Bar Graph Class
Error on line 30 (rollover. 2015-09-03 rollover
Error matching routes 2015-09-03 Simple Framework
This is so frustrating. 2015-09-01 AlefMentor
useful class. 2015-09-01 PHP Mobile Device Detection
most useless 2015-08-31 PHP MD5 Decrypter
You should drop the configuration class and add methods to th... 2015-08-31 PHP Sitemap
Its very good for starters !! 2015-08-31 Simple PHP OOP CMS
Very good work! In most popular cases a city name or city nam... 2015-08-31 Arcgis PHP Geocode

Latest PHP Classes blog comment threads

Subject Posted on Post
Thanks For The Pointer 2015-08-29 How to create a simpl...
Good 2015-08-29 PHP and JavaScript In...
i following 2015-08-25 The Benefits of Using...
Fossil another alternative 2015-08-20 The Benefits of Using...
superb 2015-08-19 The Benefits of Using...
complement 2015-08-19 The Benefits of Using...
this is going to be useful 2015-08-19 How to Make Better Re...
Great intro 2015-08-18 How to Make Better Re...
Google'ized 2015-08-18 Google and Intel to H...
Google and Intel to Help PHP 7 to Become Faster and More Secure 2015-08-17 Google and Intel to H...

Latest product review forum threads

Subject Posted on Product
Helpful review 2015-08-10 Building Web Apps with WordPress
Very good first step 2015-07-30 MongoDB and PHP
Sounds Interesting 2015-07-09 The Clean Architecture in PHP
.. 2015-07-09 The Clean Architecture in PHP
review 2015-07-07 Modern PHP
Proof-reading 2015-06-11 Securing PHP: Core Concepts
Thank you. 2015-06-03 A Year With Symfony
Alternative to Delphi for PHP 2010-06-12 Delphi for PHP 2.0
good IDE for CodeIgniter 2010-06-07 CodeIgniter 1.7 professional development
Thanks 2010-06-04 All Marketers are Liars