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Will Google the rules of game in PHP?

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Subject:Will Google the rules of game in PHP?
Summary:Google enters PHP.. Will that lead to limit Free usage of PHP?
Author:fadhil m
Date:2013-05-21 06:09:36
Update:2013-05-22 02:42:45

  1. Will Google the rules of game in PHP?   Reply  
Picture of fadhil m
fadhil m
2013-05-21 08:19:57
As PHP user it is good news, but one may suspect when huge companies thaw their project in somewhere. Thinks like different MYSQL, or ((traditional Apache extensions like mod_rewrite are not available)) aren't steps to occupy PHP so that in the future you will be forced to buy from Google what is now FREE?

  2. So PHP won the cola wars but for Google.   Reply  
Picture of Jorge Castro
Jorge Castro
2013-05-22 02:42:45 - In reply to message 1 from fadhil m
Google is just admitting the wrong mistake that they did. And worst, Google is admitting the error that they did years ago. So, unless Google launch a NICE price then, i don't think that any will use that. And for NICE price, some shared hosting charge us $10 x month while VPS could cost $30-$50 per month and dedicated server cost $100 and higher. So, if Google sells some half-baked vps then, Google can't charge us any higher than $30.

  3. Re: Will Google the rules of game in PHP?   Reply  
Picture of Jeff
2013-05-22 02:37:32 - In reply to message 1 from fadhil m
Thats a good point. But most likely they dont support mod_rewrite and other stuff becuase they are using custom software like the propietary web server that I guess is programmed on a way that utilizes all the google infrastructure so it can scale up.

As this article says, they even modified php source code so that sessions handling can scale.

I'm not sure it it's possible or easy to setup apache to work in such environments using clusters and the like.

Anyway it seems that integration with a scalable structure is what lead google to develop its own tools and dont provide a full PHP experience, they need to modify many components to make use of computer clusters in order to provide a full php setup.