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Summary:a different approach to ORM
Date:2009-05-23 11:36:57
Update:2009-05-23 18:25:00

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Picture of Gabor
2009-05-23 18:25:00
Hi! I was a bit unhappy with the available ORM layers so I experimented a bit with my own ORM layer. I have written a small ORM layer http://www.buurtnerd.nl/redbean.htm called RedBean. It's still a very early release (0.3) but it's quite fun. It allows you to use any entity and any relation you want just by using objects and you dont have to write a single line of SQL code or config-code. You dont even have to write the models. As soon as you start using the database or the model in some way it automatically sets up a proper database, it builds the required tables and inserts the values. It does everything... yeah... -everything- on the fly. It even has a garbage collector to wipe tables that are empty and no longer in use, or columns that remain empty. It even monitors its own performance by assigning red-scores to tables and columns which might result in the placement or removal of indexes! I have used it for some small projects and it really rocks! maybe you can try redbean and help me to make it even better or find bugs!
http://www.buurtnerd.nl/redbean.htm please check it out.. and help me with this!