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Microsoft vs (not and) Open Source...

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Subject:Microsoft vs (not and) Open Source...
Summary:Microsoft will just make use open source community...
Author:Andrei Orghici
Date:2008-12-18 11:21:35
Update:2008-12-22 19:53:54

  1. Microsoft vs (not and) Open Source...   Reply  
Picture of Andrei Orghici
Andrei Orghici
2008-12-18 17:35:25
My opinion is that they just want to improve Microsoft platform to run better with open source project and tell after this that windows supports a wide area of applications. It's not their desire to make open-source community grow, but it's their desire to say windows has it all using open source community (free work).
Why would I develop a production site in PHP on Windows/IIS/MsSQL platform when I have all it needs with lower prices and better performance with linux/apache/mysql?

  2. Re: Microsoft vs (not and) Open Source...   Reply  
Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
2008-12-18 22:26:30 - In reply to message 1 from Andrei Orghici
Right, Microsoft is not doing this for the sake of PHP or Open Source, but rather for the sake of their customers that they are not blind and can see that there are Open Source solutions in PHP that fit their needs.

What Microsoft wants to keep is their customers using Windows instead of switching to Linux and hopefully SQL server instead of MySQL or something else.

Many Microsoft customers will never drop Windows for Linux because they consider Windows as a safe harbour for which they can get support when they need.

That is because such customers do not have enough people skilled on Linux nor they can find qualified support for Linux as easily as they can get for Windows.

Even if the perception of such Microsoft customers is wrong, that is what they believe and they will hardly change.

So it is important for PHP that it runs well on Windows because it opens a greater market for PHP developers.

  3. Re: Microsoft vs (not and) Open Source...   Reply  
Picture of Dennis Gearon
Dennis Gearon
2008-12-20 03:09:52 - In reply to message 1 from Andrei Orghici
And I suggest that MySQL, while it was the kernel that sprouted LAMP (LinuxApacheMySQLPHP), Postgres has come a LOOOOONG way and surpasses MySQL in most ways these days.

Consider using the LAP2, or LAPP :-)

  4. Re: Microsoft vs (not and) Open Source...   Reply  
Picture of Dyego Fernandes
Dyego Fernandes
2008-12-22 19:53:54 - In reply to message 1 from Andrei Orghici
In my opinion, we couldn't think Microsoft Plataforms enemies, but, opportunities to develop new kinds of applications, or, develop for other (new) clients, that use Microsoft.
Some Clients prefer PAY instead the possibility to LOST (ex. some data) and don't know how to recover it.