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PHP Freelancer statistics

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Subject:PHP Freelancer statistics
Summary:Here is another great source of info regarding PHP freelancing..
Date:2009-05-17 09:29:10
Update:2009-10-16 22:57:22

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Picture of Andrei
2009-05-18 14:58:57
Here is a nice article related to the PHP market - it analyzes Freelancer Jobs in a popular Freelancing platform and it's evolution betweend 2001 and 2008

softmarket.ro/newsflash/softmarket- ...

As you can see the most cash runs into PHP jobs, and only JAVA keeps the same trend as PHP - but on a lower level. The big inflection point is in 2004 when PHP5 was launched. It seems that the release kicked the PHP market up
Anyway great article Manuel!