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optimizations in line

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Subject:optimizations in line
Summary:i am working on big improvements
Author:Bastian Gorke
Date:2005-07-31 16:11:17
Update:2006-05-21 10:05:05

  1. optimizations in line   Reply  
Picture of Bastian Gorke
Bastian Gorke
2005-07-31 16:11:17
There are some optimizations for the class available soon. These are in special the encoding conversion, the php5 compatibility and some minor changes.

A documentation will be available too.

  2. Re: optimizations in line   Reply  
Picture of strange Emily
strange Emily
2006-01-22 17:07:01 - In reply to message 1 from Bastian Gorke
good :) because I'm getting a Fatal error: Call to undefined function: domxml_open_mem() in /storage/WWW/website-shop.nl/www/TM/class.xml2array.php on line 21

has this gotta do with php-compatibility?

greetz, computerlove

  3. Re: optimizations in line   Reply  
Picture of Bastian Gorke
Bastian Gorke
2006-01-24 07:16:22 - In reply to message 2 from strange Emily
this error occurs if you use this class with php5. sorry, but for the moment there is no php5 support.

  4. Re: optimizations in line   Reply  
Picture of panosru
2006-05-21 10:05:05 - In reply to message 3 from Bastian Gorke
the problem is not coused because php5 but:

This extension makes use of the GNOME XML library. Download and install this library. You will need at least libxml-2.4.14. To use DOM XSLT features you can use the libxslt library and EXSLT enhancements from http://www.exslt.org/. Download and install these libraries if you plan to use (enhanced) XSLT features. You will need at least libxslt-1.0.18.

see more here: http://gr.php.net/manual/en/ref.domxml.php