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Subject:session maintainence
Summary:how can i do session maintainence in php
Date:2005-01-21 06:26:18
Update:2005-01-21 10:39:30

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Picture of ArunKumar ArunKumar - 2005-01-21 06:26:18

I want to do session to my project,
Is i want to use database compalsory or not.

How can i maintain session without client cookie,Is i want to change any value in phpini.if so how can i.

Please give me a session example.

* How to pass session id to other page
* check for the session expiry
* if the page is idle more than a minute i want to expire the

Thanks in advance,

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Picture of Ignatius Teo Ignatius Teo - 2005-01-21 10:39:30 - In reply to message 1 from ArunKumar

This is NOT the appropriate forum for your question. This forum is for questions/issues pertaining to the use of the MS-Excel Stream Handler class.

Please refrain from posting non-related questions to this forum.