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Summary:First Words is mising
Author:Manfred Hungerland
Date:2007-10-05 10:14:51
Update:2007-10-08 07:37:56

  1. rtfclass   Reply  
Picture of Manfred Hungerland
Manfred Hungerland
2007-10-05 10:14:51

on a Website i use this Class to Parse RTF Doks out of a Database.
This works. The Problem is this:

In the DB i have this:
gibt folgendes Zeugnis:\par
Mit 17 Jahren bekam

On the Website i get that:
gibt folgendes Zeugnis:
17 Jahren bekam

You See that the Word Mit is not sohown.
This happens almost after every \par

Anybody a Idea?

  2. Re: rtfclass   Reply  
Picture of Manfred Hungerland
Manfred Hungerland
2007-10-08 07:37:56 - In reply to message 1 from Manfred Hungerland
Solution for this Problem:

Change this Line ( 600 )
if( (ord( $this->rtf[$i]) == 10) || (ord($this->rtf[$i]) == 13)) break; // eat line breaks

with this:

if ((ord($this->rtf[$i]) == 10) || (ord($this->rtf[$i]) == 13)) {
if ($this->cw && !$this->cfirst) {
$this->cw = false;
break; // eat line breaks

Thanks to: Benjamin R. and marabu from Delphi-PRAXIS ;-) !!