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How do i use this

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Subject:How do i use this
Summary:This class is great but how do i use it.
Date:2008-01-07 14:18:25
Update:2013-03-28 14:16:59

  1. How do i use this   Reply  
Picture of Mahlatse
2008-01-07 14:18:25
I want to parse a file named "test.rtf" to html and save it. Please help.

  2. Re: How do i use this   Reply  
Picture of Sergio Rayos
Sergio Rayos
2013-01-28 15:31:01 - In reply to message 1 from Mahlatse
please see at the begining of the classes notes. It says:
Example on how to use this class:

$r = new rtf( stripslashes( $rtf));
$r->output( "xml");
if( count( $r->err) == 0) // no errors detected
echo $r->out;

Good luck, Sergio

  3. Re: How do i use this   Reply  
Picture of Brook Braswell
Brook Braswell
2013-03-28 14:16:59 - In reply to message 2 from Sergio Rayos
Same question different day...

I save the file rtfclass.php

How do I get the code to where I can use it ?

include 'rtfclass.php'; ???