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Class:GIF images into animated GIF with native PHP class
Description:Generate GIF animations from a set of GIF images

Subject Last update Replies
Empty frames are not transparent
When an empty frame is used, the image is filled with white
2015-05-03 15:50 0
Looking for László Zsidi
Digital rain gif
2014-05-28 03:44 0
How to make it loop one time?
I don't see how it's possible to loop the animation one time.
2014-04-20 09:34 2
Equivalent Perl module for GIFEncoder class
Need an equivalent Perl module for GIFEncoder class
2013-10-04 06:07 0
Use of undefined constant ERR00 - assumed 'ERR00'
Error Decoder
2013-06-07 14:47 4
Transparent background showing as white
2013-05-11 22:10 15
GIFEncoder not working for me
Running sample code out of box with corrupted results.
2013-03-25 08:28 1
It doesn't work good
GIFEncoder doesn't show any error message and my script n works
2013-03-20 20:50 0
Transparency problem with GIFEncoder? Maybe it's me?
Transparency problem with GIFEncoder? or anoter problem?
2012-10-30 23:15 4
Error when creating animated gif
2012-10-26 14:36 0
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