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Can we identify the requesting user?

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Subject:Can we identify the requesting user?
Summary:When a request is made, is there a way to identify which user?
Author:Anthony Gallon
Date:2013-02-14 01:18:22
Update:2013-02-17 18:19:50

  1. Can we identify the requesting user?   Reply  
Picture of Anthony Gallon
Anthony Gallon
2013-02-14 01:18:22
When a request is made, is there a way to identify which user or session the request belongs to? For instance, setting a cookie doesn't seem to work, and I can't see the mac address anywhere. Is it possible? Thanks mister, this is a neat script!

  2. Re: Can we identify the requesting user?   Reply  
Picture of C M
2013-02-17 18:19:50 - In reply to message 1 from Anthony Gallon
Hi Im not the creater of the package but I thought I would help anyway.

When it comes to DNS you will be only able to see which DNS Resolver the request came from. The IP of the DNS Resolver is stored in $ip and the port in $port.

You wont be able to get any other info as no info is passed.

People will say your crazy to use a dns server written in PHP but im not sure I think people just give people a hard time if they use PHP for anything else other than websites. I have however heard of people doing a lot of things with php and they say it works well. Ive been programming in PHP for about 4 years but im only just starting to getting into creating socket servers (like DNS).

Its possible to do amazing things when the DNS server is written in PHP but the only problem I have with using it is speed. I read a benchmark where I guy got over 3,000 queries per second vs 10,000 for bind9. For me queries per second isnt a big issue but im wondering is the ms time from this script slow. Do you know?

Do you have any domains or anything using this package?

If so is there any chance you could go to http://bokehman.com/dns_test
and do a speed test. Im just wondering how fast the response is for the dns server written in php. DNS is designed to be fast queries per second doesnt really matter but the ms time for a query does.