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Spacing out text in code128 EAN style

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Subject:Spacing out text in code128 EAN style
Summary:how to add spaces between text characters
Date:2012-03-16 13:51:09

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Picture of Design Design - 2012-03-16 13:51:09
An application that I am maintaining uses your phpcode128 class, in the EAN style. so basically there are longer bar lines on both ends of barcode display.

I need to add space after every few characters, just to make it human readable.

In the EAN style barcode display, the space is not enough to do so as the text when elongated, hits the longer barcode lines on the end.

How can I achieve this?
I am wondering if I can get the text to display all the way below the bar-code lines to get that spacing effect. ?

What is EAN style (with longer barcode lines on either end) ?