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Subject:You tube videos
Summary:Can't embed shortUrls such as youtu.be/
Date:2012-12-09 08:29:34

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Picture of JMB
2012-12-09 08:29:34

And first, thank you for yoour class which is really well built & understandable.
I do however have a basic question : I have tried to copy paste the usual youtube short url issued by the youtube site through the 'SHARE' button, such as 'http://youtu.be/v8HoVdenZFM' into the forms of eah of your examples, but it won'y get the said video (won't parse teh url correctly , wont find the short url in the class's array ? both ?)

I have tried to add 'youtu.be' into the shorturrl array, but won't work either ...
Any explanation ?
Am I doing something wrong ?
Thanks for your help,