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Subject:Its nice
Summary:Get paginated results
Author:Doktor Darko
Date:2011-01-23 00:50:05
Update:2012-11-17 01:48:57

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Picture of Doktor Darko Doktor Darko - 2011-01-23 00:50:06
I like your class,but have a question.
I read the docs,so i know now how to use your class to update,delete,insert and select from the table but i would be grateful if you could post an example of the pagination.
Let's say i want to list something from the database and have the returned data paginated.
Please could you show me an example for this ?

btw. very nice documentation :)

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Picture of carlos julio carlos julio - 2012-11-17 01:48:57 - In reply to message 1 from Doktor Darko
did the author reply your post?

did you use the pagination class and you use it well?