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It doesn't handle non-ASCII characters

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Subject:It doesn't handle non-ASCII characters
Summary:UTF-8? I don't think so. ASCII only!
Date:2012-12-22 18:52:44

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Picture of masterlayouts masterlayouts - 2012-12-22 18:52:44
It looks that it cannot handle UTF-8 well, even if it says so. It will fail to recognize not Chinese, but Latin characters as those from French or German. Why the UTF-8 than when everything not-ascii become garbage? Very strange to say it is UTF-8 when in fact address just the 4 bit equivalent of ASCII characters. In fact, for example French or German, do not need 4 bit, 2 are enough. Chinese needs 4. However, this class cannot be consider UTF-8 compliant as far as it fails across the board.