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error download link

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Subject:error download link
Summary:error download link
Author:mustafa hamad
Date:2012-02-15 09:37:46
Update:2012-02-15 12:46:55

  1. error download link   Reply  
Picture of mustafa hamad
mustafa hamad
2012-02-15 09:37:46
when download image get empty file
how i can download imag and save image on server?


  2. Re: error download link   Reply  
Picture of Arturs Sosins
Arturs Sosins
2012-02-15 12:46:55 - In reply to message 1 from mustafa hamad

I've updated the class, fixed download_image method to force image download dialog and created new method save_image to save image on the server.

Here is a quick example:

$qr = new qrcode();


//get QR cod eimage
$image = $qr->get_image();

//save image in same folder where script is
$qr->save_image($image, "./QRcode.png");