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PHP Version 5.5.3

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Subject:PHP Version 5.5.3
Summary:Unable to use it under PHP Version 5.5.3
Author:Andrea Bartolini
Date:2013-10-25 10:19:41
Update:2013-10-28 15:48:05

  1. PHP Version 5.5.3   Reply  
Picture of Andrea Bartolini
Andrea Bartolini
2013-10-25 10:19:41
There are some error that make me unable to load a value from a table in an input field.

include_once ('class.forms.php');

$form = new buildForm();
$form->database = array('table' => 'ordinit', 'where' => 'otID=1');

if($_POST) { echo $form->processSubmitted($_POST, $_FILES); }
$form->text(array('name' => 'otFaRagSoc','size' => '20', 'validate' => 'Please enter your name','value' => '[sql]', 'html' => 'style="font-size: 0.9em;"'));
$form->action = 'post';
$form->method = 'saved.php';
$form->validate = true;
$form->submit(array('value' => 'Submit Contact Form', 'html' => 'style="font: bold 12pt Tahoma;"'));

  2. Re: PHP Version 5.5.3   Reply  
Picture of Oliver Leuyim Angel
Oliver Leuyim Angel
2013-10-28 15:48:05 - In reply to message 1 from Andrea Bartolini
Yes exactly, this class uses mysql commands and in php 5.5 this is deprecated, this class is up to php 5.4 and well I'm making the version for php 5.3 and above where in this version is supported the mysqli functions that is the one php 5.5 and above supports.

thanks for the comment!