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IDE that uses XDebug on Windows platform

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Subject:IDE that uses XDebug on Windows platform
Summary:I prefer to use Netbeans but...
Author:KW Townsend
Date:2013-09-13 05:15:10
Update:2013-09-13 10:06:02

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Picture of KW Townsend KW Townsend - 2013-09-13 10:06:02
I have always written code (whatever language; Basic, Visual Basic, Turbo Pascal, and others) in an IDE that allowed stepping through the execution of the code so I could discect the process and discover behaviours and errors.

A few years ago I picked up PHP/MySQL and am convinced that I want that environment back again. I currently prefer to use Netbeans on a Win7 platform as my IDE for PHP/MySQL development. The roadblock to this approach is that I am unable to get Xdebug to execute under Netbeans. If anyone is interested please contact me as soon as you can.

Thanks for reading my post.
KW Townsend
Phoenix, Arizona, USA