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Weekly newsletter of Wednesday - 2014-10-01

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    Latest PHP specialists forum threads

    Subject Updated on
    Ordering by
    order pol results
    urlencode() and urldecode()
    urlencode() and urldecode() have options?


    • Latest PHP Classes blog posts

    • PHP 5.7 New Features - Lately in PHP podcast episode 51 (10 days ago)

      Posted on: 2014-09-21
      Summary: Now that PHP 5.6 was finally released, PHP 5.7 is already being planned as a release to happen before PHP 7.

      The new features planned for PHP 5.7 was one of the main topics covered by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins in the episode 51 of the Lately in PHP podcast. They also did an extensive review the new features of PHP 5.6.

      Now listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video, or read the transcript to learn more about these PHP release features.
    • PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report September 2014 Edition - June 2014 nominees (16 days ago)

      Posted on: 2014-09-15
      Summary: The Innovation Award is an initiative that aims to distinguish developers that publish innovative packages since 2004.

      Starting this month, Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins are recording a dedicated video hangout and audio podcast to comment about the outstanding features of all the past month nominees and winners PHP and JavaScript packages, the prizes that the authors earned, starting with the nominees from the month of June 2014.

      Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video, or read the transcript to learn why the nominated packages were considered to be innovative.


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    1 Arturs Sosins Latvia Latvia 37
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    3 Cesar D. Rodas Paraguay Paraguay 4
    4 solomongaby Romania Romania 3
    5 Manuel Lemos Portugal Portugal 3
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    7 Olaf Lederer The Netherlands The Netherlands 2
    8 Alexander Skakunov Ukraine Ukraine 2
    9 Roberto Aleman Venezuela Venezuela 2
    10 natarajan pillai India India 1


    Innovation award results

    Nominees to win the award of September of 2014

    Class: PHP RAML to HTML Picture of Mike Stowe
    Description: Parse RAML of an API to generate documentation
    Author: Mike Stowe
    Age: 29
    Country: United States United States

    Class: PHP jQuery UI MySQL Accordion Picture of Neda Divbandi
    Description: Show master detail MySQL records using accordion
    Author: Neda Divbandi
    Age: ???
    Country: Iran Iran

    Class: PHP Encode Form Values Picture of Er. Rochak Chauhan
    Description: Decode base64 encoded submitted form values
    Author: Er. Rochak Chauhan
    Age: 35
    Country: India India

    Class: PHP Mass Database Update Picture of amani
    Description: Update all MySQL database table records
    Author: amani
    Age: 29
    Country: Iran Iran

    Class: PHP i81n Picture of Everton da Rosa
    Description: Extract text to translate from application code
    Author: Everton da Rosa
    Age: ???
    Country: Brazil Brazil

    Class: PHP Coins Change Picture of Michele Andreoli
    Description: Solve the coin change problem for a given amount
    Author: Michele Andreoli
    Age: 28
    Country: Italy Italy

    Class: PHP Multi Profiler Class Picture of Jacob Fogg
    Description: Measure the performance of functions and classes
    Author: Jacob Fogg
    Age: 34
    Country: United States United States

    Class: PHP IP Sorter Picture of Luca Pacchiarotta
    Description: Sort an array of IP addresses
    Author: Luca Pacchiarotta
    Age: ???
    Country: Italy Italy

    Class: PHP BIC Validation Picture of Roberto Aleman
    Description: Validate the owner of a container with a BIC code
    Author: Roberto Aleman
    Age: 40
    Country: Venezuela Venezuela

    Class: PHP Euler Circuit Picture of Chi  Hoang
    Description: Find nodes of a Euler circuit and Hamiltonian path
    Author: Chi Hoang
    Age: 29
    Country: Germany Germany

    Class: Defterdar Picture of Adil Ilhan
    Description: Generate markdown change log from git repository
    Author: Adil Ilhan
    Age: ???
    Country: Turkey Turkey

    Class: PHP Store Openings Picture of meivin123
    Description: Determine if a store is open at a given time
    Author: meivin123
    Age: ???
    Country: Germany Germany



    Latest support forum threads

    Subject Posted on Class
    Excellent Service
    Package rating comment
    2014-09-30 PHP OAuth API
    how to change currency?
    how to change currency?
    2014-09-29 Simple PHP Paypal Button Generator
    Excellent package , very helpful.
    Package rating comment
    2014-09-29 MySQL Backup FTP and Email
    Error with oauth client error
    for google, facebook, linkedin and twitter
    2014-09-29 PHP OAuth API
    Quadratic equations
    Just one root out of two is returned in quadratic equations
    2014-09-28 PHP Equations
    What about mail.ru?
    2014-09-28 PHP OAuth API
    very good class
    Package rating comment
    2014-09-27 PHP MySQL to Mongo
    shouldn't merge HTML and PHP in class.
    Package rating comment
    2014-09-27 A New PHP Form validation
    very innovative and creative package
    Package rating comment
    2014-09-27 PHP Sweepstakes
    Facebook image posting error
    Facebook image upload returns 'requires upload file', code=324
    2014-09-27 PHP OAuth API


    • Latest package entries

    • Easy Custom Class PDO Access DataBase

      Picture of sekouken
      Author: sekouken
      Date: 2014-09-30 (1 day ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Databases
      Description: This class is a PDO database wrapper to access MySQL databases.

      It sets an instance of PDO class to access a given MySQL server.

      The class provides wrapper functions to execute prepared SQL queries, retrieve the query results, manage transactions, etc..
    • Easy Validation

      Picture of meivin123
      Author: meivin123
      Date: 2014-09-30 (1 day ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Validation
      Description: This class can validate array of submitted form values.

      It takes an array with definition of rules to validate given submitted form values.

      The class sets an array of error messages for the values that to not satisfy the specified rules.

      Currently it can validate values for required entries, numbers, alphanumeric text, email addresses, regular expressions, minumum and maximum text length.
    • PHP jQuery UI MySQL Tabs

      Picture of Neda Divbandi
      Author: Neda Divbandi
      Date: 2014-09-29 (2 days ago)
      Groups: HTML, PHP 5
      Description: This class can show master detail MySQL records using tabs.

      It queries a given MySQL master table to retrieve a list of records to be viewed in detail using a second query to a detail record table.

      The class generates HTML with JavaScript using jQuery UI components to display the master record results using tabs to view detail table records.
    • Lean Framework PHP

      Picture of Dyorg
      Author: Dyorg
      Date: 2014-09-29 (2 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Libraries
      Description: This package is a general purpose Web application framework.

      It consists of many small classes for all sorts of Web application purposes.

      Currently it provides classes to implement MVC processing routes, dispatching controllers, accessing models, displaying views, retrieving configuration, logging events, authenticating users, generating HTML page elements, handling file uploads and downloads, formatting date, time and money values, etc..
    • Simple PHP Paypal Button Generator

      Picture of Robert Ireland
      Author: Robert Ireland
      Date: 2014-09-28 (3 days ago)
      Groups: HTML, PHP 5, E-Commerce
      Description: This class can create Paypal payment buttons.

      It can compose the definition of a shopping cart with all the details like the items, prices, currencies, site URL, return URL, etc..

      The class generates HTML for a form with hidden inputs and a a payment button to lead the user to purchased the described items with his Paypal account.

      The button image and other presentation details are configurable parameters.
    • Simple PHP Array

      Picture of Sazan Dauti
      Author: Sazan Dauti
      Date: 2014-09-27 (4 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Data types
      Description: This class can manipulate the entries of an array.

      It wraps around an array and provides several types of functions to manipulate the array entries. Currently it can:

      - Append the values of another given array to the array
      - Add a value to the array at the end or at a given position
      - Set an array entry at a given position to a given value
      - Change all array entries with a given value to another value
      - Get the positions of all array entries with a given value
      - Remove array entries at a given position or with a given value
      - Etc.
    • PDO database

      Picture of Julio Alvarado
      Author: Julio Alvarado
      Date: 2014-09-26 (5 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Databases
      Description: This class is a database access wrapper using PDO. It can:

      - Connect to a given database server
      - Execute SQL prepared queries using given parameters
      - Return query results for SELECT like queries, or return the number of affected rows for other types of queries
    • Email Reader

      Picture of Marcelo Rocha
      Author: Marcelo Rocha
      Date: 2014-09-25 (6 days ago)
      Groups: Email, PHP 5
      Description: This package can retrieve email messages from POP3 or IMAP mailbox.

      It can connect to a given POP3 or IMAP server and retrieve email messages on a given mailbox. It provides shortcut functions to connect to Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail mailboxes.

      It can filter messages by date and sort the returned message listing, and retrieve the details of each message.
    • PHP Store Openings

      Picture of meivin123
      Author: meivin123
      Date: 2014-09-25 (6 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Time and Date, E-Commerce
      Description: This class can determine if a store is open at a given time.

      It can take the regular schedule of time that a store is open during the weekdays and checks if the store would be open now.

      The class can also consider exceptions of days that the store is close for instance to consider holidays.
    • PHP ncurses Library

      Picture of wapmorgan
      Author: wapmorgan
      Date: 2014-09-24 (7 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Libraries, Console
      Description: This class can manage windows and a console user interface based in ncurses.

      It provides several classes that use the ncurses extension to manage several types of console based user interface elements.

      Currently it provides classes to manage windows, keyboard and mouse events, colors, panels, etc..
    • PHP You Thumb

      Picture of Srihari Sri
      Author: Srihari Sri
      Date: 2014-09-24 (7 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Graphics, Video
      Description: This class is a generator of thumbnail images from YouTube videos.

      It takes the URL of a given YouTube video to extract the video identifier.

      The class returns the URL of a thumbnail image of the specified video in one of the available formats.

      It can also returns an array of thumbnail URLs in all available formats.