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Hello this is the Weekly PHP Classes newsletter of Tuesday - 2016-05-31

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    Latest PHP specialists forum threads

    Subject Updated on
    send sms using SMPP in SDP system
    i am looking for a php code to send sms


    • Latest PHP Classes blog posts

    • Notable PHP package: Move Me GIF (1 day ago)

      Posted on: 2016-05-30
      Summary: Animated GIF images became popular because they allow to display videos on social network sites that only support image formats.

      Assembling an animated GIF is just composing a sequence of still pictures. However, this class goes further to assembling pictures as animated GIFs by allowing to render sequences of images overlaid on top of custom background images.

      It also provides optimization methods to generate smaller GIFs files by clipping regions of the images and skipping frames.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • PHP Articles Report May 2016 Edition (1 day ago)

      Posted on: 2016-05-30
      Summary: This is the May edition of the podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the latest outstanding PHP Articles published recently.

      They commented on articles about using a plugin to insert charts and graphs on WordPress posts, how to prepare to technical interview for jobs, 10 aspects on which BitBucket is better than GitHub, converting HTML to PDF using an API, using Microsoft Visual Studio as your PHP IDE with PHP Tools extension, and the main changed and new functions in PHP 7.

      Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video to learn more about these PHP articles.
    • PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report May 2016 Edition - February 2016 nominees (6 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-05-25
      Summary: This is the May edition of the Innovation Award podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the outstanding features of all the past month nominees and winners PHP and JavaScript packages, the prizes that the authors earned, starting with the nominees from the month of February 2016.

      Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video to learn why the nominated packages were considered to be innovative, as well the current rankings of the Innovation Award Championship by author and by country.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP PDF to Text (8 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-05-23
      Summary: Many Web applications need to deal with PDF documents and their contents for instance to search for particular text.

      However, the PDF format is not easy to analyse and it contains complex structures and often compressed binary data.

      The PHP PDF to Text package not only is able to parse the PDF format in pure PHP, but it can also decompress any document objects and extract their page position, making it easy to search PDF documents using only with PHP code, thus without resorting to external programs, special extensions or Web service APIs.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • Notable PHP package: AMP Remove unused CSS (12 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-05-19
      Summary: AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a initiative to make the Web user experience for mobile device users faster and smoother and overcome the limitations of bandwidth and latency that mobile networks have.

      This package helps providing a better mobile user experience by reducing the need to load excessively large CSS style sheets removing unnecessary or unneeded CSS rules, thus making the necessary CSS rules faster to load and take less device CPU resources to process.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • How PHP 7.1 May Eliminate Frameworks BootStrap Overhead - Lately in PHP podcast episode 71 (13 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-05-18
      Summary: One of the greatest performance killers of applications that use large frameworks or libraries the overhead of bootstrap processes that is necessary to initialize the objects of their classes.

      The good news is that a new feature called startup snapshot inspired on V8 engine (used by Chrome and Node.js) is being discussed to implement on PHP 7.1, so applications based on those frameworks take less time to startup and run.

      The startup snapshot optimiziation was one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins in the episode 71 of the Lately in PHP podcast hangout.

      They also talked about many proposals to make PHP 7 type hinting more complete, better text character set detection, PHP attributes similar to annotations, among many other new proposals.

      The article also covers the latest enhancements to make PHP Classes package submission much smoother and more rewarding like the new monthly elePHPant prize and printed certificates that Innovation Award winners may get.

      This article includes a transcript of the podcast summary.

      Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video, or read the summary transcript to learn more about these interesting PHP topics.
    • Notable PHP package: Corcel (Laravel + WordPress) (14 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-05-17
      Summary: WordPress is certainly one of the most popular and successful PHP based projects that was ever created apart of the PHP language itself, but great part of it is not even written using object oriented programming.

      On the other hand Laravel is one of the most recent PHP frameworks that gained great traction supporting MVC and other design patterns.

      The Corcel framework brings the world of WordPress to the Laravel developers, so you can write Laravel based applications with the WordPress backend.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • How to have Access to Multiple Jobs at Top Tech Companies with Indeed Prime (14 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-05-17
      Summary: Many developers dream of working for large companies because that is the their chance to earn big salaries.

      However, large companies often resort to specialized recruiting firms to find the right candidates for their jobs.

      Read this article to learn about Indeed Prime, which is a specialized recruiting service that many well known big companies use, so you can understand how to have access to those companies top developer jobs.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP Photo Wall Gallery (19 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-05-12
      Summary: Photo walls are useful for Web sites that need to show many images at once in a Web page.

      This class can generate photo wall images composed from groups of other images that may have their sizes adjusted to align better in the photo wall.

      Another interesting effect provided by this class is the ASCII art rendering of images that appear with colors.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP Reports (21 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-05-10
      Summary: Many Web applications are developed to serve the interests of users or companies that need to view reports in a printed format.

      Usually PDF is the common format used for printing documents but many users prefer to create documents in Microsoft Word.

      This package provides a solution with the help of Web service that can use templates in Microsoft Word DOCX format, replaces variables in the document with given values, and then generates the output in either PDF or DOCX format as well.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • Get the Coding Job You Want (21 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-05-10
      Summary: Evolving in your career as software developer often means seeking a better job than you have now.

      Read this article to learn about 3 important tips that will help you in the journey to get the coding job you want.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP Tracking User Activity (26 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-05-05
      Summary: Sometimes it is necessary to understand what is going on the browser side to verify if what the user is seeing is the same as he is expected to see after certain interactions.

      This class can address this need with the help of jQuery plugin that can capture screenshots of the current page after certain user interaction events like click or form submissions for instance.

      The PHP class receives the screenshot images sent by AJAX and records logs of the associated activities so the developers can analyze it in the future to determine what could be wrong and fix eventual issues.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • Notable PHP package: Scripd (28 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-05-03
      Summary: Every SQL database driven application needs to update the database schema once in a while to support new features.

      This class can perform that process of generating SQL for database updates with elegance, as it allows developers to defined database schema additions in a JSON based file format, so it can work with different types of databases.

      Since the format is based in JSON it can be used eventually by similar packages written in other languages.

      Not only it supports the creation and modification of databases, tables and indexes, but it also supports triggers, views, stored procedures and functions.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • PHP Articles Report April 2016 Edition (28 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-05-03
      Summary: This is the April edition of the podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the latest outstanding PHP Articles published recently.

      They commented on articles about PHP source code protection solutions, the parallax WordPress theme, email verification solutions, PHP 7 backwards incompatible changes and new features, and fast debugging methods using PHPEd.

      Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video to learn more about these PHP articles.


    Top friends of the site

    Friends of the PHP Classes site is a initiative to provide recognition to the users that contribute to the growth of the site community.

    For more information on how to become a friend of the site look here.

    Rank Friend Referrals
    1 Arturs Sosins Latvia Latvia 15
    2 Cesar D. Rodas Paraguay Paraguay 6
    3 Khaled Al-Shamaa Syria Syria 4
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    5 Richard Munroe United States United States 3
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    9 Roberto Aleman Venezuela Venezuela 1
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    Innovation award results

    Innovation Award winners Congratulations to Gabriel Couto!

    Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
    1 PHP Gameboy Emulator
    Emulate Gameboy console in a terminal in pure PHP
    Gabriel Couto Brazil 30.77% 18 One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
    2 Axync
    Run several tasks using cooperative multitasking
    Mohammed Al Ashaal Egypt 11.54% 17
    3 PHP Dreamweaver Password Decoder and Encoder
    Decode or encode passwords used by Dreamweaver
    Johnny Mast The Netherlands 7.69% 16 One copy of the Zend Studio
    3 PHP One Time URL
    Generate URL that only works one time for the user
    Dan From Denmark 7.69% 16 One downloadable e-book of choice by O'Reilly
    3 PHP Nginx Config
    Read and write Nginx server configuration files
    Aleksey Nemiro Russian Federation 7.69% 16 PhpStorm IDE personal permanent license
    6 PHP Secure MySQL Query
    Execute MySQL queries encrypting values using AES
    Elías Acevedo Sierra Colombia 5.77% 13
    7 PHP MySQL Buffered Query
    Execute many queries of the same type all at once
    Christian Vigh France 3.85% 12
    7 PHP PDF Line Chart
    Generate line charts to compare data in PDF
    Luciano Salvino Argentina 3.85% 12
    7 Laravel Auto Generated Form
    Create forms from Laravel model classes
    Luciano Filho Brazil 3.85% 12
    7 PHP MySQL Replication
    Client to get MySQL replication events in pure PHP
    Kacper Rowinski Poland 3.85% 12
    7 PHP oAuth Loginer
    Authenticate users with Facebook, Google, Twitter
    Mohamed Elbahja Morocco 3.85% 12
    7 PHP BCMath Extension
    Add missing functions missing in BCMath
    Kacper Rowinski Poland 3.85% 12
    13 PHP Print EPL
    Print labels to Zebra printers using EPL commands
    Thiago Abrantes Brazil 1.92% 6
    13 KeywordTool Client
    Get search engines keyword volume and suggestions
    Oleksii Mylotskyi Ukraine 1.92% 6
    13 PHP Premier League API
    Retrieve information about the UK Premier League
    vince United Kingdom 1.92% 6
    16 Linear Calibration
    Perform substance linear and weighted calibration
    Jose Manuel Spain <1.00% 3
    16 PHP Auto Dependency Injection
    Create objects classes and dependent classes
    Aleksandar Zivanovic Serbia <1.00% 3
    16 OpenCart Large Sitemap Generator
    Generate multiple sitemaps for OpenCart site
    Istvan Dobrentei Hungary <1.00% 3

    Award page

    Nominees to win the award of April of 2016

    Class: PHP REST Client Class
    Description: Send REST request to a HTTP server
    Author: Unay Santisteban
    Country: Spain

    Class: PHP Layout Template Processor
    Description: Template engine with indented blocks based syntax
    Author: Roger Baklund
    Country: Norway

    Class: PHP Asynchronous Command
    Description: Get commands output without waiting to finish
    Author: Christian Vigh
    Country: France

    Class: PHP Emulated SQL Filesystem
    Description: Emulate a filesystem storing files in SQL database
    Author: Ryan Cole
    Country: United States

    Class: PHP CSS Optimizer
    Description: Optimize CSS and make it browser independent
    Author: Victor V. Nabatov
    Country: Russian Federation

    Class: PHP Photo Wall Gallery
    Description: Convert images to ASCII characters or photo walls
    Author: andrea battellocchi
    Country: Italy

    Class: PHP Search Large Files
    Description: Search large files that would not fit in memory
    Author: Christian Vigh
    Country: France

    Class: PHP HtmlEntities Encoding and Decoding
    Description: Encode and decode a longer list of HTML entities
    Author: Gavin Gordon Markowski
    Country: Canada

    Class: PHP Web Page Screenshot
    Description: Capture Web page screenshots using HTML2Canvas
    Author: Bharat Parmar
    Country: India

    Class: Pretty PHP S3 Files Manager
    Description: Web based interface to manage files in Amazon S3
    Author: Tran Tuan
    Country: Viet Nam

    Class: PHP CRUD REST API Server
    Description: REST API server with MySQLi based CRUD operations
    Author: Bharat Parmar
    Country: India

    Class: PHP Get All Words
    Description: Extract all words from string excluding stop words
    Author: Lionel F. Lebeau
    Country: France

    Class: PHP Reports
    Description: Generate PDF and DOCX reports from Word templates
    Author: Murat Cileli
    Country: Turkey

    Class: PHP Image Mosaic Generator
    Description: Generate a mosaic from an image in PDF format
    Author: Luciano Salvino
    Country: Argentina



    Latest support forum threads

    Subject Posted on Class
    intl 1.0
    Package details states php 5 but has errors for php 5.3
    2016-05-30 Intl like gettext
    Exec function
    2016-05-30 PDO Multi Connection Class
    Forced GET method
    setting token_request_method = "POST" gets overwritten
    2016-05-29 PHP OAuth API
    fatal error php7
    fatal error php7
    2016-05-29 PHP Datagrid with Navigation
    Strict Standards:
    Strict Standards:
    2016-05-27 MySQLi access
    i found this useful to my requirements
    Package rating comment
    2016-05-27 MySQL Database & Model Classes
    not working
    2016-05-26 ohmy-auth
    Syntax Errors
    Error in index.php
    2016-05-25 PHP Localization Library
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
    unexpected T_VARIABLE
    2016-05-25 Pretty PHP S3 Files Manager
    This is by far the best PDF to text class for PHP I've come a...
    Package rating comment
    2016-05-24 PHP PDF to Text


    • Latest package entries

    • JSON DB Project

      Picture of Dave Smith
      Author: Dave Smith
      Date: 2016-05-30 (1 day ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Databases, Files and Folders
      Description: This class can create and manage database stored in JSON files.

      It may create a database file in JSON format in the database folder.

      The class can also retrieve, update and delete data from the JSON database.

      This package is referenced in the article about Using Microsoft Visual Studio as PHP IDE with the PHP Tools extension.
    • Intl like gettext

      Picture of ?ukasz Józwiak
      Author: ?ukasz Józwiak
      Date: 2016-05-29 (2 days ago)
      Groups: Localization, PHP 5, Templates
      Description: This class can translate application texts from arrays or JSON.

      It can auto-detect the user preferred languages and load translation files in JSON format or PHP scripts with arrays of strings.

      It can also format strings with placeholders %named_value to translated string 'named_value'.
    • PHP Easy Configuration

      Picture of Ashok kumar  kashyap
      Author: Ashok kumar kashyap
      Date: 2016-05-28 (3 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Configuration
      Description: This class can load and set configuration values from PHP scripts.

      It can load a PHP script from the config directory that defines configuration values setting in arrays.

      The class and also set and get specific configuration values.
    • PHP Beans Brazilian Feijoada

      Picture of Bruno Henrique Ferreira de Oliveira
      Author: Bruno Henrique Ferreira de Oliveira
      Date: 2016-05-27 (4 days ago)
      Groups: XML, Libraries, Language, PHP 7
      Description: This class can encapsulate several objects in one like Java Beans.

      The preparation class can load and parse a XML file with the path WEB-INF/web.xml and loads other dependency classes to instantiate the respective objects.

      The beans class may call the preparation class passing the current application scope.

      The code and comments are in Portuguese. In Portuguese:

      Uma implementaçăo em PHP simulando Javabeans. Ver README.
    • Db Driver

      Picture of Dennis Vorpahl
      Author: Dennis Vorpahl
      Date: 2016-05-26 (5 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Databases
      Description: This is a simple class that can connect and query to MySQL using PDO.

      It can connect to a MySQL database using PDO, as well disconnect by undefining the PDO object.

      The class can also execute prepared queries using an array of parameters. Optionally it can display the query output.
    • PHP Scrape HTML

      Picture of Matthew Boyle
      Author: Matthew Boyle
      Date: 2016-05-25 (6 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Text processing, Web services
      Description: This class retrieve and extract data from remote sites.

      It can send a HTTP request to retrieve data from a remote site or use a given string from a local file.

      The class can extract text that is contained between a given prefix or suffix strings.

      The search for the strings can be made from the retrieved data start or end.
    • PDF Meta Reader

      Picture of Arnel Labarda
      Author: Arnel Labarda
      Date: 2016-05-24 (7 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Files and Folders
      Description: This class can parse and extract keywords from PDF using pdfinfo.

      It takes the path of a PDF file and executes the pdfinfo program to retrieve meta data from the PDF document.

      The class parses the program output and extracts the PDF document keywords.