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Hello this is the Weekly PHP Classes newsletter of Saturday - 2016-12-10

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    • Latest PHP Classes blog posts

    • Notable PHP package: PHP Stanford Core NLP Adapter (2 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-12-08
      Summary: Natural language processing is field of computer science that focus on tasks like understanding the meaning of sentences written by humans and do something useful with it.

      This package provides the possibilities of Natural Language Processing by making API call to a copy of the Stanford Natural Language Processing server installed locally on the same network that PHP is running.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP Server Sent Events Library (4 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-12-06
      Summary: Server sent events are events that happen on the server side and are notified immediately to the browser accessing the current page.

      This package makes it easy to dispatch server side events to the browser by calling functions with the name of the events you want to dispatch.

      On the browser side it handles the events with JavaScript handler functions that are called when the a server side event notification is received.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP WordPress Login (9 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-12-01
      Summary: Nowadays many sites use WordPress. WordPress has its own user account system.

      This package can be used to authenticate users with login and password in a remote WordPress installation.

      It sends a HTTP request to a script in this package to be installed in the remote WordPress site and it verifies if the given user login and password are correct.

      This way you can implement Web applications with an existing user system from a given WordPress site you control.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • PHP Performance Evolution 2016 from PHP 5, PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1 and PHP 8/Next (10 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-11-30
      Summary: Since its creation in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, the PHP language has gone through many improvements. Performance is one of the main criteria developers consider when they evaluate upgrading to a newer version.

      Read this article to learn how performance improved across the latest PHP versions starting from PHP 5 up to the latest developments, including the recent version 7.1, as well as the experimental JIT branch that will be become part of PHP 8 or the next version.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP HTML Minify Class (11 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-11-29
      Summary: Compressing the HTML of the pages is one way to increase the speed of serving Web pages.

      Most packages that perform this task, simply try to remove whitespaces and comments, but this is only one way to reduce the the size of the final HTML.

      This package goes father by performing less obvious compression approaches like default removing attributes, changing anchor names to id, removing script and document charset attributes, removing types from script tags and style sheet link, empty attributes, removing http prefix from attributes, and removing values from empty input.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report November 2016 Edition - August 2016 nominees (12 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-11-28
      Summary: This is the November edition of the Innovation Award podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the outstanding features of all the past month nominees and winners PHP and JavaScript packages, the prizes that the authors earned, starting with the nominees from the month of August 2016.

      Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video to learn why the nominated packages were considered to be innovative, as well the current rankings of the Innovation Award Championship by author and by country.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP Post-it Notes (16 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-11-24
      Summary: PHP can render text on images but sometimes the necessary extensions or fonts may not be available to render text on images with the usual image functions.

      This packages provides an alternative solution that can render text on BMP images using pure PHP code.

      The fonts are defined as XML files provided by the package with the definition of lines to render letters as vectorial text.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • Faster PHP Debugging using Session Replay - Lately in PHP podcast episode 77 (17 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-11-23
      Summary: One of the greatest time consuming problems of current PHP debuggers is to step over some code that leads to some unexpected results, but if you want to get back and understand why it went wrong, you need to restart the debug session from scratch.

      Now there is a better debugger extension named DontBug that allows to go back and replay code execution steps. This was one of the main topics discussed by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins on the episode 77 of the Lately in PHP podcast now also being streamed using livecoding.tv.

      In this episode they also commented proposals to make PDO support driver specific parameters and debug emulated prepared statements, adding generic object type hinting, implementing big number math with OpenSSL, among other proposals of great interest for the next PHP releases.

      This article also contains the transcript of the podcast summary.

      Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video to learn more about these interesting PHP topics.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP Secret URL Path (18 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-11-22
      Summary: Passwords are the most common way to authenticate users. However, if somebody sees a user typing a password, the password may be stolen and the user account may be taken over.

      A better approach is used by some bank ATMs. They show a bunch of buttons with lists of letter and number sequences on each button. The user has to use the right buttons by the correct sequence.

      Since the buttons show different types of letter and number groups, even if somebody sees which buttons the user pressed, he will not know exactly what is the correct sequence.

      This class provides means to implement a similar security system in PHP. It presents a list of links with values that the user needs to click, one after another by the correct sequence to be authenticated successfully.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • YouTube Downloader PHP Script to MP4 that Works in 2016 (20 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-11-20
      Summary: Many users want to download YouTube videos, either to watch offline or to take backups of their own videos.

      Despite it is against YouTube terms of use, many of those users resort to PHP scripts to automate download. However, since YouTube has changed the way their video players work, PHP scripts that worked in the past, do not work anymore.

      Read this article to learn about existing PHP scripts that can solve the problem of downloading YouTube videos using PHP.

      As a bonus you may also learn how to search in YouTube for movie trailers of 2018, 2017, 2016, or any other year, as well get more information about movies and TV show episodes from the IMDB site.
    • Notable PHP package: Serialize (23 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-11-17
      Summary: When you want save the information of an object you can use the serialize function or even the json_encode function.

      However, these functions may generate serialized strings that contain much more information than you actually need to save.

      This class provides a more efficient solution for saving only the relevant information of an object. It uses reflection to determine the name of the getter functions.

      This way the class can retrieve only the values of the relevant class variables to save. It returns an object representation with their values in the JSON format.

      Furthermore, getter objects that return other objects can be also serialized recursively.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • Notable PHP package: PHP Alexa Rank Checker (24 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-11-16
      Summary: Alexa is a well known site that keeps track of traffic statistics of many sites in the world. This way Webmasters can evaluate how their site ranking is evolving, as well of other sites.

      This class can use the Alexa API to obtain traffic statistics of any site provided by Alexa.

      Read this article to learn more details about how this notable PHP package works.
    • PHP Modern Practices Latest Evolution Steps (30 days ago)

      Posted on: 2016-11-10
      Summary: For the last years PHP has gone through a great evolution steps, not just in terms of the language itself, but also in the practices that the developers that write PHP code apply to do their job.

      Some of those evolution steps are very well known, but others only recently are having noticeable consequences.

      Read this article to learn more about the recent modern practices that have been helping the lives of PHP developers, as well something cool you can expect for the near future.


    Top friends of the site

    Friends of the PHP Classes site is a initiative to provide recognition to the users that contribute to the growth of the site community.

    For more information on how to become a friend of the site look here.

    Rank Friend Referrals
    1 Arturs Sosins Latvia Latvia 4
    2 Khaled Al-Shamaa Syria Syria 2
    3 Horst Nogajski Germany Germany 1
    4 Rafael Espinosa Cuba Cuba 1
    5 Roberto Aleman Venezuela Venezuela 1
    6 Eric Sizemore United States United States 1
    7 Joshua hatfield United States United States 1
    8 Richard Munroe United States United States 1
    9 Protung Dragos Germany Germany 1
    10 Janis Janovskis United Kingdom United Kingdom 1


    Innovation award results

    Innovation Award winners Congratulations to Michael Cummings and Roman Shneer!

    Rank Class Author Score Points Prize
    1 Encryption Helper
    Encrypt and decrypt of GET query lists
    Michael Cummings United States 19.44% 12
    1 PHP Web Application Firewall
    Block malicious requests using a white list
    Roman Shneer Israel 19.44% 12 One big elePHPant Plush Mascott
    3 PHP System Process List
    Retrieve the processes running on the system
    Christian Vigh France 11.11% 10
    4 PHP Google Maps Time Zone Convert
    Get a location time zone using Google Maps API
    Ivan Melgrati Argentina 8.33% 9
    4 PHP Safe Image Preview
    Blur an image when it is not safe for non-adults
    Luciano Salvino Argentina 8.33% 9
    4 PHP WordPress Hooks and Filters
    Handle and triggers actions like WordPress
    Lars Moelleken Germany 8.33% 9
    7 PHP Google Books API
    Search for books using Google Books API
    Mohammed Asad India 5.56% 6
    7 BurgeATS
    CRM, Ticketing system, and employee manangement
    Burge Lab Iran 5.56% 6
    7 waPluginator
    Generate sets of source files from templates
    Alexander Selifonov Russian Federation 5.56% 6
    7 PHP Cache Manager Wrapper
    Wrap over cache classes to optimize cache requests
    Sergii Pryz Ukraine 5.56% 6
    11 ITE PSR-6 Cache
    Cache data in several storage compliant with PSR-6
    Kiril Savchev Bulgaria 2.78% 2
    12 Mask
    Trait to process templates with class functions
    Marco Afonso Portugal <1.00% 1

    Award page

    Nominees to win the award of November of 2016

    Class: ITE Event Manager
    Description: Manage events implementing PSR-14 interface
    Author: Kiril Savchev
    Country: Bulgaria

    Class: Advanced PHP File Downloader
    Description: Retrieve files for download from remote sites
    Author: Ahmed Saad
    Country: Egypt

    Class: PHP GUID Generation
    Description: Generate a unique identifier with custom data
    Author: Oleg Zorin
    Country: Russian Federation

    Class: OpenCart Order Email Template
    Description: Generate OpenCart HTML message templates
    Author: Istvan Dobrentei
    Country: Hungary

    Class: PHP Secret URL Path
    Description: Authorize access based on user click sequence
    Author: Dave Smith
    Country: United States

    Class: PHP HTML Minify Class
    Description: Compress HTML removing unnecessary data
    Author: Lars Moelleken
    Country: Germany

    Class: PHP List Windows Drives
    Description: Retrieve the letters of the drives on Windows
    Author: Christian Vigh
    Country: France

    Class: Serialize
    Description: Automatic serialization of objects with getters
    Author: Theophilus Omoregbee
    Country: Nigeria

    Class: PHP Slack Bot
    Description: Robot to automate interactions with Slack users
    Author: Marcel Pociot
    Country: Germany

    Class: PHP Alexa Rank Checker
    Description: Get the Alexa ranking of a given site
    Author: afshin akhgar
    Country: Iran

    Class: Packager
    Description: Implement Facades to call classes statically
    Author: Omar Andrés Barbosa Ortiz
    Country: Colombia

    Class: PHP Post-it Notes
    Description: Generate images with text using vectorial fonts
    Author: Bruno Henrique Ferreira de Oliveira
    Country: Brazil

    Class: Papernic
    Description: Manage documents colaboratively
    Author: Murat Cileli
    Country: Turkey

    Class: PHP Simplex Solver
    Description: Solve equations in linear programming with Simplex
    Author: donni ansyari
    Country: Indonesia

    Class: PHP WordPress Login
    Description: Authenticate users of a WordPress installation
    Author: Haseeb Ahmad Basil
    Country: Pakistan

    Class: PHP Server Sent Events Library
    Description: Send data of server events to the browsers
    Author: Mohamed Elbahja
    Country: Morocco



    Latest support forum threads

    Subject Posted on Class
    Twitter API returns less images recently
    Twitter made some changes which may affect the return images.
    2016-12-10 PHP OAuth Library API
    Getting the following error... ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
    When loading the page the first time, I get this error.
    2016-12-08 Secure PHP Login System
    Very strong protection and very simple to use.
    Package rating comment
    2016-12-07 PHP Obfuscator Code
    Add user password
    2016-12-07 PHP Git Client Class
    improvement in user interface
    making user interface more easy to work
    2016-12-07 NewWay PHP File Manager
    Using this class for the 'big' sqlite files
    How 'big' did you mean when you wrote on the example file?
    2016-12-06 Secure SQLite
    Handy Time Utilities
    Package rating comment
    2016-12-04 Utils


    • Latest package entries

    • PHP Image Overlay Text

      Author: Alexandre Sinício
      Date: 2016-12-09 (1 day ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Graphics, Text processing
      Description: This class can render multiple texts over an image.

      It can take a given image and renders one or more texts on the top of the image.

      The text, coordinates, font, color of the texts and the size of the resulting image are configurable parameters.

      The image with overlay texts may be returned in PNG or JPEG format as a string of a data URL.
    • Modal dialog for Jaxon

      Author: Thierry Feuzeu
      Date: 2016-12-08 (2 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, AJAX
      Description: This package can display modal windows as AJAX responses of Jaxon.

      It is a plugin for the Jaxon library that can be used to present modal windows to responses of AJAX requests handled by the Jaxon package.

      This modal windows are generated by the PgwJS JavaScript library.
    • PHP HTML to Text Conversion

      Author: Lars Moelleken
      Date: 2016-12-07 (3 days ago)
      Groups: HTML, PHP 5, Text processing
      Description: This class can parse HTML and extract text contained in it.

      It can take a given HTML string and parse it to extract the text in the HTML document.

      The class can change the case of the text inside certain HTML elements, as well prepend or append a given text.
    • FPHP Fields

      Author: Leonardo Mauro Pereira Moraes
      Date: 2016-12-06 (4 days ago)
      Groups: HTML, PHP 5, Libraries
      Description: This package can compose and render forms defined programmatically.

      It provides that encapsulate the implementation of forms and different types of form elements.

      Currently it provides classes to implement text inputs and their labels, buttons, select inputs, and text areas.

      It can also validate input values.
    • PHP Touch Swipe Emulator

      Author: Dave Smith
      Date: 2016-12-06 (4 days ago)
      Groups: HTML, PHP 5
      Description: This class can be used to track swipe events when user uses the mouse.

      It generate HTML attributes for a given HTML element that will track mouse over and mouse out events and redirect to a specific URL.

      The URL is of the current page but takes parameters that determine the direction of the swipe events (left, right, up, down), as well the identifier of the page element on which the swipe events happened.
    • CodeIgniter Login Session Timeout

      Author: johno dread
      Date: 2016-12-05 (5 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, User Management, Libraries
      Description: This class can keeps track of CodeIgniter users logged in a session.

      It is a CodeIgniter controller class that can check of if the current users is logged in using cookies.

      The class redirects to the login page if the user session expired on the next page request or on page refresh.
    • PHP Command Line Arguments Parser

      Author: Christian Vigh
      Date: 2016-12-05 (5 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Console, Parsers
      Description: This class can parse and extract arguments from the command line.

      It takes a XML string with the definition of the supported syntax of parameters to be parsed from the command line.

      The class parses the command line arguments array and returns the values of the respective parameters.

      The values of the parsed command line arguments can be accessed as class variables.

      It supports parameters of many types like: strings, filenames, directory names, flags, numeric value (with the ability to specify expressions to be computed at run-time), arrays, lists, sets and bitsets, email addresses, IP addresses, masks, ranges, domain names, keywords, etc..

      The class can also show the usage help output message to tell the user what is the expected arguments syntax.
    • PHP Number To Words Conversion

      Author: Haseeb Ahmad Basil
      Date: 2016-12-04 (6 days ago)
      Groups: Localization, PHP 5, Text processing
      Description: This package can convert numbers to words in many languages.

      It can take a given number and converts it to a text string spelling the number in one of many supported languages. Currently it supports:

      - English
      - Spanish
      - French
      - Hungarian
      - Italian
      - Portuguese
      - Romanian
      - Turkish
      - Bulgarian
      - Czech
      - German
      - Danish
      - Estonian
      - French
      - Hebrew
      - Indonesian
      - Lituanian
    • Tuple Dictionary

      Author: Bill
      Date: 2016-12-03 (7 days ago)
      Groups: PHP 5, Data types
      Description: This class can manage associative arrays with keys of any type.

      It can perform operations with array elements that can have keys of any types.

      The class computes the hash of a data type to use it has internal index of a key of the array element.

      It supports keys that can be objects, arrays or scalars. The class uses a given hashing algorithm to assure the key is unique. The default hashing algorithm is sha256.

      The class can add, remove and get values of the array, as well get the array keys.


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