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DOMIT XML parser: A Document Object Model (DOM) compliant xml parser

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Picture of John Heinstein
Name: John Heinstein <e-mail contact>
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Country: Canada Canada - PHP jobs in Canada
Age: ???
All time rank: 1038 in Canada Canada
Week rank: 571 Down17 in Canada Canada Down

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This package is an XML parser completely written in PHP. It is lightweight, fast, and implements a generous subset of the DOM Level 2 specification.

The primary goal of DOMIT! is to provide PHP developers a standards-compliant means of working with XML, thus ensuring more portable and communicable code.

This package is not an extension; it is written purely in PHP and should therefore run on any Web hosting platform with PHP 4 and above installed.

It requires coupling with a SAX parser. You can use either the SAXY parser that is bundled with DOMIT! or the Expat parser that is included in most later PHP distributions.

A lighterweight, and more highly optimized, version of DOMIT! is available in this package. DOMIT! Lite can be used when the parsing of doctypes, xml declarations, processing instructions, and comments is not required.

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Name: DOMIT XML parser
Base name: domit
Description: A Document Object Model (DOM) compliant xml parser
Version: 1.0.0
PHP version: 3
License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
All time users: 11375 users
All time rank: 93
Week users: 3 users
Week rank: 769 Down
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  Packages that need this class  
Class Dependency Why it is needed
DOMIT! RSS parser Required Provides XML parsing functionality for the DOMIT! RSS reader
Hierachical Data Object Conditional for the xml transport process into and out of the HDObj
pAjax Required XML Support to generate and parse XML data
ParamsProxy Required Quote from the documentation: "Takes an XML file as input, parses it, and sets parsed values to a given class instance, provided the class has appropriate public setter methods."
Pergamus Publication Manager Required Parses publication and users metadata in a portable way
PHP IOC Required Used for parsing XML configuration file

  Applications that use this class  
Link Description
Joomla Fork of Mambo CMS
Mambo Open Source CMS Content Management System
Sugar CRM SugarCRM is the premier commercial open source customer relationship management application provider
TikiWiki CMS/Groupware a powerful web-based Groupware and Content Management System (CMS)
Segue Collaborative Learning System An open source content management system designed for e-learning
New York Sun Online Online version of the popular metropolitan New York newspaper
IMPACC Training Online Occupational Health training using DOMIT! for a student tracking system
phpUA Web-based gaming server management
DBapart A Directory/Search Engine script with a Yahoo Style Link. The directory script can be used to create standalone directories, or can be incorporated into your existing website as a link exchange directory. This Script is a PHP and MySQL powered links database which allows you to run a database driven categorized links section on a web site - similar in structure to Yahoo or any other categorized links collection.
DOMIT! RSS Parser A DOM-based RSS parser for PHP
Etomite CMS A content management system packed full of useful and intuitive features.
GiOS (Geographcial Information-Open Source) An open-source XML-based connector to ESRI's ArcIMS map server to provide maps in your content via and iframe
HTMLArea3 XTD XTD-C Pro A highly extended version of interactiveTools' WYSIWYG editor HTMLArea3 adapted for Mambo OS with built in addon "Link To Published MOS Content", Image Manager, File Manager and DocMan addon.
KeyWorks The KeyWorx platform is a collection of reusable/extensible software components for developing distributed multi-user/multimedia applications
krl_flickr_photoset It connects to flickr.com through the Flickr API and calls flickr.photosets.getList to get a list of photo sets for a given user and then outputs the primary photo thumbnail, title and description for each photo set and a link to the photo set on flickr.com.
Last Blogmarks plugin for DotClear blogging software
myPHPNuke A news automated system specially designed to be used in Intranets and Internet
Openology Openology is an opensource project to build a web application development framework with its associated tools and applications. It is an open extensible framework for anything and nothing in particular. It provides a set of feature-rich development tools throughout the web application development process, allowing the developer to efficiently create web applications.
Pergamus Publication Manager A web-based Content Management System (CMS) that stores, organizes, and provides access to scientific publication collections. Pergamus allows users to manage, view, search, and filter online publications.
Symphony Web Publishing System Symphony is a web publishing application committed to offering an intuitive and thoughtful environment to maximise your publishing productivity. We have spent a great deal of effort to make sure Symphony does not compromise usability for flexibility.
TextAds A Mambo CMS module displays advertisments (like Google adsense)
Zool File Browser A web-based file browser written in PHP, DOMIT! and XUL (XML user interface specification)
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  Related links  
Link Description
Architypes.net An architectural design site. All content and the search index is generated and read by DOMIT!
Article: DOM and PHP A chapter about DOMIT! from an online book: XML Reference Guide
DOMIT! Banner A banner: "DOMIT! - The Pure PHP/XML Parser"
DOMIT! Bulletin Board For support and discussion about the DOMIT! parser
DOMIT! Class Documentation Class documentation for the DOMIT! parser
DOMIT! home page Home of the DOMIT! bulletin board, mailing list, and tutorial
DOMIT! Mailing List For notification of updates to the DOMIT! xml parser
DOMIT! Testing Utility A testing utility that allows you to upload xml files or text to be parsed by DOMIT!
DOMIT! Tutorial A long and detailed tutorial on the use of DOMIT!
My Blog A blog created with PHP and the DOMIT! parser
S.A.N - A sysadmin journal An online journal for any published document related to the linux system and network administration
SAXY home page Home of SAXY, the Simple API for XML (SAX) parser companion to DOMIT!
The Ragiel's Site An Indonesian web site / blog

  Files folder image Files  
File Role Description
Plain text file html.css Data css for user manual
Accessible without login Plain text file php_file_utilities.php Class Manages file i/o
Plain text file php_http_client_generic.php Class A generic http connection class
Plain text file php_http_client_include.php Class Resolves http client include paths
Plain text file php_http_connector.php Class Establishes an http connection
Plain text file php_http_exceptions.php Class Handles HTTP exceptions
Plain text file php_http_proxy.php Class An http proxy class
HTML file rss_example.html Doc. Example of using DOMIT! to parse an xml file
Plain text file rss_source.php Example source script for the RSS parsing example
Plain text file statecount.xml Data XML data for the OOP XML tutorial
HTML file state_rotation.html Doc. An example of OOP techniques of parsing XML with DOMIT!
Plain text file state_rotation.php Class Source class file for the OOP XML tutorial
Plain text file state_rotation_ex.php Example Source file for the OOP XML tutorial
Plain text file testing_domit.css Data CSS for the DOMIT! testing utility
Plain text file testing_domit.php Example An online XML testing utility for DOMIT!
Plain text file timer.php Aux. Timer class used by the DOMIT! testing utility
Plain text file xml_domit_cache.php Class a simple caching mechanism for DOMIT!
Plain text file xml_domit_doctor.php Class resolves errors in malformed XML files
Accessible without login Plain text file xml_domit_getelementsbypath.php Class Allows the retreival of DOM elements using simple path-like expressions
Accessible without login Plain text file xml_domit_include.php Class resolves DOMIT! include paths
Plain text file xml_domit_lite_include.php Class resolves DOMIT! Lite include paths
Plain text file xml_domit_lite_parser.php Class lightweight version of DOMIT! parser
Accessible without login Plain text file xml_domit_nodemaps.php Class An implementation of the DOM NamedNodeMap and NodeList collections
Plain text file xml_domit_parseattributes.php Class parses attributes and attribute-like strings
Accessible without login Plain text file xml_domit_parser.php Class The main xml parser classes
Plain text file xml_domit_parser_docs.html Doc. manual
Plain text file xml_domit_parser_docs.xml Doc. DocBook XMl of manual
Plain text file xml_domit_shared.php Class common code for DOMIT! and DOMIT! Lite
Accessible without login Plain text file xml_domit_utilities.php Class A set of companion utilities for the DOMIT! parser
Plain text file xml_domit_xpath.php Class an XPath parser
Plain text file xml_saxy_lite_parser.php Class Lightweight version of SAXY parser
Plain text file xml_saxy_parser.php Class A SAX parser; a substitute for Expat and companion to DOMIT!
Plain text file xml_saxy_shared.php Class common code for SAXY and SAXY Lite

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