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class.upload.php: Process files and images uploaded via a form

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Picture of Colin Verot
Name: Colin Verot <contact>
Classes: 1 package by
Country: France France
Age: ???
All time rank: 1038 in France France
Week rank: 131 Down8 in France France Equal

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It is the ideal class to quickly integrate file upload and image manipulation in your site. That's all you need for a gallery script for instance.

It manages the uploaded file and allows you to do whatever you want with the file as many times as you want. If the file is an image, you can convert and resize it, rotate it, crop it in many ways; You can also add borders, frames, bevels, add of text labels and watermarks or apply graphic filters such as unsharp mask, contrast or brightness correction, colorization, negative, greyscale, reflections and more. Transparency and true color are fully supported. JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP are supported.

Security features and file management functions are provided. Flash uploaders are supported. The class can also work on local files, useful for batch processing, and can circumvent open_basedir restrictions. Files can be output directly to the browser. The error messages are internationalized, and translations provided. Flash uploaders and XMLHttpRequest uploads are supported.

The class is mature and well documented, already widely used around the world. It is compatible with PHP 4 and 5.

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Name: class.upload.php
Base name: class_upload_php
Description: Process files and images uploaded via a form
Version: 1.0.0
PHP version: 4
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
All time users: 16974 users
All time rank: 41
Week users: 13 users
Week rank: 90 Down
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Files folder imagelang (31 files)
Image file bg.gif Data Background image for samples
Accessible without login Plain text file class.upload.php Class Class
Plain text file index.html Example Sample form
Plain text file README Data Readme
Image file test.png Data Test image for the test suite
Plain text file upload.php Example Processing example file
Image file watermark.png Data Test image for watermarking tests
Image file watermark_large.png Data Test image for watermarking tests

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File Role Description
  Plain text file class.upload.ca_CA.php Aux. Catalan translation
  Plain text file class.upload.cs_CS.php Aux. Czech translation
  Plain text file class.upload.da_DK.php Appl. Danish translation
  Plain text file class.upload.de_DE.php Aux. German translation
  Plain text file class.upload.el_GR.php Aux. Greek translation
  Plain text file class.upload.es_ES.php Aux. Spanish translation
  Plain text file class.upload.et_EE.php Aux. Estonian translation
  Plain text file class.upload.fr_FR.php Aux. French translation
  Plain text file class.upload.he_IL.php Aux. Hebrew translation
  Plain text file class.upload.hr_HR.php Aux. Croation translation
  Plain text file class.upload.id_ID.php Aux. Indonesian translation
  Plain text file class.upload.it_IT.php Aux. Italian translation
  Plain text file class.upload.ja_JP.php Aux. Japanese translation
  Plain text file class.upload.mk_MK.php Aux. Macedonian translation
  Plain text file class.upload.nl_NL.php Aux. Dutch translation
  Plain text file class.upload.no_NO.php Aux. Norwegian translation
  Plain text file class.upload.pl_PL.php Aux. Polish translation
  Plain text file class.upload.pt_BR.php Aux. Brazilian portuguese translation
  Plain text file class.upload.ro_RO.php Aux. Romanian translation
  Plain text file class.upload.ru_RU.php Aux. Russian translation
  Plain text file class.upload.ru_RU.windows-1251.php Aux. Russian translation
  Plain text file class.upload.sk_SK.php Aux. Slovak translation
  Plain text file class.upload.sv_SE.php Aux. Swedish translation
  Plain text file class.upload.tr_TR.php Aux. Turkish translation
  Plain text file class.upload.uk_UA.php Aux. Ukrainian translation
  Plain text file class.upload.uk_UA.windows-1251.php Aux. Ukrainian translation
  Plain text file class.upload.vn_VN.php Aux. Vietnamese translation
  Plain text file class.upload.zh_CN.gb-2312.php Aux. Chinese translation
  Plain text file class.upload.zh_CN.php Aux. Chinese translation
  Plain text file class.upload.zh_TW.php Aux. Traditional Chinese translation
  Plain text file class.upload.xx_XX.php Aux. Translation template. Contribute!

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