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Piragibe: Framework similar to Oracle Forms

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Picture of Francisco Carlos Piragibe de Almeida
Name: Francisco Carlos ... <e-mail contact>
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Country: Brazil Brazil - PHP jobs in Brazil
Age: 56
All time rank: 2514182 in Brazil Brazil
Week rank: 993 Up78 in Brazil Brazil Up

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This package is a framework for PHP database application development. It is intended to be similar to Oracle Forms.

It employs a development metaphor that resembles Oracle Developer suite, with data blocks, forms, triggers and events.

It provides:

- A layer for generic data validation that is capable of validating fields, records and blocks of records with programmatic control
- A clear separation and independence between database access, programmatic views of database data and visual presentation of information
- Transparent and uniform access to any database supported by PHP
- Extensible national language support
- Development of a fully functional set of CRUD layers writing as few lines of code as possible, with the capability of hooking additional code to deal with specific areas of the business logic
- Browser neutrality, avoiding, to the maximum possible extent, problems related to browser incompatibility or lack of standard conformance.

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Name: Piragibe
Base name: piragibe
Description: Framework similar to Oracle Forms
Version: -
PHP version: -
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
All time users: 687 users
All time rank: 4272
Week users: 2 users
Week rank: 1193 Up
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Project record: piragibe
Popularity score: 36.5
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File Role Description
Files folder imagedocs (1 file)
Files folder imagePGBConnection (3 files, 1 directory)
Files folder imagePGBPropertyBag (2 files)
Files folder imagePGBRecord (2 files)
Files folder imagePGBRecordSet (2 files)
Files folder imagePGBSlaveDefinition (1 file)
Plain text file PGBBaseTable.php Class base table
Plain text file PGBCommons.php Aux. Common project include commands
Plain text file PGBConnection.php Class A connection to an underlying data source
Plain text file PGBDataBlock.php Class The presentation layer backbone
Plain text file PGBDataBlockFactory.php Class A data block factory
Plain text file PGBDbxResult.php Class A DBX results object copycat
Plain text file PGBField.php Class A field
Plain text file PGBNlsAgent.php Class The national language support agent
Plain text file PGBPrimaryKey.php Class A base table PK
Plain text file PGBPropertyBag.php Class A generic property bag
Plain text file PGBRecord.php Class A record
Plain text file PGBRecordSet.php Class A recordset
Plain text file PGBRenderer.php Class A rendering agent
Plain text file PGBRequires.php Aux. Set of require's to use
Plain text file PGBSlaveDefinition.php Class A generic slave definition for a recordset
Plain text file PGBValidator.php Class A validation agent
Plain text file piragibe.css Data A sample CSS

  Files  /  Files folder image docs  
File Role Description
  Plain text file licence.txt Lic. GNU GPL Licence Copy

  Files  /  Files folder image PGBConnection  
File Role Description
Files folder imagePGBDbxConnection (2 files)
  Plain text file PGBDbxConnection.php Class A connection to a DBX database
  Plain text file PGBMySQLConnection.php Class A MySQL native connection
  Plain text file PGBOracleConnection.php Class An ORACLE native connector

  Files  /  PGBConnection  /  Files folder image PGBDbxConnection  
File Role Description
  Plain text file PGBDbxOracleConnection.php Class A connection to an ORACLE database via DBX
  Plain text file PGBDbxPostgresConnection.php Class A connection to a POSTGRES database via DBX

  Files  /  Files folder image PGBPropertyBag  
File Role Description
  Plain text file PGBRenderDefs.php Class A set or rendering definitions
  Plain text file PGBValidationDefs.php Class A set of validation definitions

  Files  /  Files folder image PGBRecord  
File Role Description
  Plain text file PGBDbxRecord.php Class A DBX record
  Plain text file PGBPlainRecord.php Class A record in a plain text file

  Files  /  Files folder image PGBRecordSet  
File Role Description
  Plain text file PGBDbxRecordSet.php Class A recordset from a DBX source
  Plain text file PGBPlainRecordSet.php Class A recordset built from a plaintext file

  Files  /  Files folder image PGBSlaveDefinition  
File Role Description
  Plain text file PGBDbxSlaveDefinition.php Class A slave definition for a DBX recordset

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