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PHP Development Master Award

What is the PHP Development Master Award?

How does the award work?

Sponsors and prizes



How to Start Participating in the PHP Development Master Award?



PHP Development Master AwardPHP Development Master Award

The PHP Development Master Award goal is to provide recognition to developers that contribute content to share knowledge with other developers that visit the PHP site.

The award aims to honor developers that publish tutorial articles which may have useful code examples and/or videos. This kind of content is valuable because it teaches about methods and tools to other PHP developers.

The main goal of this award is to encourage developers to contribute articles in the main site blog or in blogs of each PHP component that they share in the site.

At the same time we hope that the recognition and prizes, which can be earned by award nominees and winners, will motivate more capable developers to share their knowledge in the site.

The PHP community has grown naturally without a marketing force persuading developers to adopt it, unlike other languages that are backed by big companies with large budgets to invest in huge marketing campaigns.

This award also has an implicit goal to inspire other sites or companies to promote PHP and its community by the means of other initiatives, hopefully different from this one, that focus on motivating and providing recognition to individuals or groups who make outstanding contributions to the PHP community and foster the continuation of its growth.

Cooperating is better than competing. Cooperate and the community will embrace you.

How does the award work?

Every month all newly published tutorial articles about classes that were read by the site users are ranked to determine which were considered more interesting.

At the beginning of the next month, the top ranked articles will be announced.

The winning author will be entitled to receive one prize provided by sponsor of choice. The remaining authors of the ranked articles may also be entitled to receive one prize, depending on their award rank and the availability of prizes.

Authors awarded with prizes may choose which of the prizes they would like to receive, with authors choosing in ascending order of rank they reached. One author may only receive a prize once per month, even if more than one of his/her article qualified to win prizes.

Sponsors and prizes

The sponsors are responsible for delivering the prizes directly to the winning authors, except in the case when the author lives in a country to which the sponsor that provides the chosen prize may not export due to local legislation. In that case, the prize will be sent to the PHP Classes site that will ship the prize to the author later.

The current list of sponsors follows. Other sponsors may join later.

Sponsors Prizes
PHPClasses One official elePHPant Plush MascottOne official elePHPant Plush Mascott


Every a package approved to be published in the PHP Classes site has an associated blog of its own. Every new article published in the blog post of a package automatically qualifies to be a candidate to participate in the PHP Development Master Award. An article is considered new when it was published for the first time in the last two months.

Qualifying articles have to be submitted by their original authors and must be about the associated code package that the blog belongs. The articles may also have been previously published on other sites, even if those sites have tutorial articles similar to those that you can find on the PHP Classes site.

At the beginning of each month, the PHP Classes site will count the number real people that read an article. The article with the most users that read it will be the winner.

Authors may read their own articles but they may not create new accounts on the site for the purpose of increasing the number of readers of their articles. That is considered to be fraud. The site has means to detect fraud. Any attempt to commit voting fraud leads to automatic disqualification without warning.

Winners will be listed in the pages of the PHP Classes site for this award. They will also be notified by e-mail. After notification they have 7 days in which to claim their prizes. If that period passes it is assumed that the author is not interested in the prizes, and the next ranked author will be notified to select his or her prize. The PHP Classes site will not reconsider even if there were mail delivery problems that prevented a winning author receiving prize notifications messages.

How to Start Participating in the PHP Development Master Award?

To participate in the award, first you need to contribute with packages of classes of objects that you have written in PHP.

Then you need to submit blog posts about your packages in a blog that is available in the PHP Classes site for each package that you publish.

The blog posts must be about teaching how to use the package for something useful for other developers

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.