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432. How to Pick Partners for a Software Product Business? - Fix My Software Product Business

When creating a software product business most developers prefer to just deal with with the software development part.

However, somebody should take care of the marketing, sales, finances, human resources, etc.. The best way to cover for these business needs is to bring people specialized on these areas, so you can continue to focus on the software development efforts.

But how should you keep them interested working for your company? Should you hire them or make them business partners? How do you pick business partners that will not cause you trouble later?

Watch this consulting session video to learn how to answer these questions so your business grows in a healthy manner with great partners.

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429. How Can I Make My Software Product Highly Desired by the Customers? - Fix My Software Product Business

Many developers have already started working on software products before making sure that there is a good demand for those products.

Later they realize that the product is nice but it is really not essential for their users, so they may not be able to make much sales.

Fortunately there is a method that can be used to convert a non-essential product into a highly desired software product that their users feel they cannot live without.

Watch this video with a consulting session with a developer to learn more about this method and how you can apply it in practice in a new product or in a product that has already started being developed.

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424. PHP Articles Report July 2016 Edition

This is the July edition of the podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the latest outstanding PHP Articles published recently.

They commented on articles about using DevSense PHP Tools extension to develop and debug PHP applications with Visual Studio, automating actions on Mac OS X using PHP scripts, using reactive programming to develop more efficient PHP applications, debugging remote projects with PHPEd, and a new series of short videos to tell why developers should create their own software products and sell to many customers, and what are the main mistakes to avoid to become successful doing that.

Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video to learn more about these PHP articles.

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421. How to Protect My Software Product Ideas? Fix My Software Product Business

Many developers have great ideas for software products but they fear to have their ideas stolen by competitors and lose the credit and the opportunities to succeed.

Watch this video with a consulting session with a developer that gets advice on how to protect their software products, so they can succeed even if any competitors try to copy them.

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414. 6 Important Steps to Make Your Software Product Succeed

Creating a successful software product business is not just a matter of creating a good software product.

Fortunately there are just a few more well known things you need to know to create a promising business.

Watch this short video to learn what other criteria you need to satisfy to build a successful software product business.

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403. 7 Reasons Why Developers Need to Create their Own Software Product Businesses

Many developers are not happy with working for other companies. They do not have much autonomy to work on projects they want, they cannot work from home, they cannot work any time they want, and in the end they get paid a limited amount of money.

The alternative for these unhappy developers is to create their own software products and sell them to many customers. Unfortunately many developers do not know how to get started and become successful.

The good news is that this is the first of series of short videos that will teach developers all they need to know to create their own businesses developing products that the customers really want and will pay for.

Watch this short video to learn about why creating your own products is the right step to be a happier developer, as well how you can attend a free online workshop that will teach the essential steps to achieve that goal.

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