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445. The Best Way To Find a Developer Job in 2018 and 2017

Times have passed and the way you get hired jobs as software developer or even other positions has changed.

In the past you used to find jobs and and apply by sending resumes. Or worse you would get chased by annoying recruiters.

Nowadays companies like Hired have inverted the process and made it such way that instead of you applying for jobs, companies apply to find talented professionals.

Read this article to learn how Hired implements this modern hiring process and how you can join to benefit from getting better job opportunities.

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439. Fast PHP Error Monitoring and Bug Fixing with Rollbar

Regardless of how good you are as a developer, you will always ship code to production that will have bugs or does not deal with situations that were unanticipated.

Therefore you always need to have a tool that can monitor the errors on the server side, so you can act promptly and fix issues as quickly as possible.

Read this tutorial to learn how you can use Rollbar to keep track of your PHP Web applications issues.

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433. 10 High Growth Companies Hiring PHP Developers

PHP is so popular that sometimes fans of other languages question if PHP is still that popular in the hope that PHP developers move on to the languages of their preference.

The fact is that PHP continues to be so popular that large companies have still great demands for qualified PHP developers.

Read this article to learn about some of the high growth companies that continue to look for great PHP developers.

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418. How Developers Can Quickly Create Invoices to Bill their Customers using Invoicely

Many customers require that developers send them invoices in order to get paid for their work.

If you have to emit many invoices to your customers, it quickly becomes a tedious task that you would like to automate as much as possible.

Read this tutorial article to learn how you can quickly create invoices for your customers and be paid as fast as possible using Invoicely free service.

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408. Fast Debugging of PHP Code Using PHPEd Part 3: Remote Debugging and Remote Projects

IDEs are good to help debugging your code before it goes to production, but sometimes you need to find bugs in your code that cause problems and can only be observed in production. This is one case on which remote debugging is necessary.

IDEs like PHPEd support remote debugging. You do not need to download the project files from the production server to debug your project remotely. Thanks to the remote projects feature of PHPEd, it can retrieve only the server files that you need to debug so you can start debugging remote projects very quickly.

Read this article to learn how to setup and use PHPEd to debug remote projects running in production server for instance.

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404. Using Microsoft Visual Studio as PHP IDE with the PHP Tools extension: Part 3 Debugging

One of the most important features when choosing an IDE is how easily it allows you to debug your code.

PHP Tools is a extension of Microsoft's Visual Studio that uses and enhances the powerful debugging options that ships with this popular IDE.

Read this article to learn how to take advantage of PHP Tools to quickly debug your PHP applications.

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396. Using Microsoft Visual Studio as PHP IDE with the PHP Tools extension: Part 2 Developing a CRUD application with a noSQL database

There are many IDEs for PHP development. All of them provide common features but when we get closer we notice that there are some that provide different features that make them better for our purposes.

Thanks to the PHP Tools extension it is possible to use Microsoft Visual Studio for PHP development and benefit from some of Visual Studio features for this purpose.

Read this tutorial article to learn about the way it works for developing a practical PHP application, in this case a CRUD application based on a noSQL JSON file database.

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391. Detecting Malicious Users behind Anonymous Proxies using IP2Proxy

Proxy servers are used by many users to bypass Web site restrictions. Sometimes malicious users are hiding behind proxies to commit fraud because a third party anonymous server is hiding their real location.

Fortunately it is possible to detect when users are behind proxies by looking up their IP address using IP2Proxy databases of known proxies.

Read this article to learn how to use IP2Proxy database to detect when users are behind proxies, so you can take the necessary measures to avoid that those users may cause some kind of harm.

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390. How to have Access to Multiple Jobs at Top Tech Companies with Indeed Prime

Many developers dream of working for large companies because that is the their chance to earn big salaries.

However, large companies often resort to specialized recruiting firms to find the right candidates for their jobs.

Read this article to learn about Indeed Prime, which is a specialized recruiting service that many well known big companies use, so you can understand how to have access to those companies top developer jobs.

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385. Get the Coding Job You Want

Evolving in your career as software developer often means seeking a better job than you have now.

Read this article to learn about 3 important tips that will help you in the journey to get the coding job you want.

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