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383. Fast Debugging of PHP Code Using PHPEd Part 2: Debugging Symfony Applications

In the first part of this article it was covered how we can take advantage of a PHP IDE like PHPEd to find and fix bugs using its debugger capabilities.

Read this part of the article to learn how to debug a framework based application, specifically using Symfony, combining the power of PHPEd debugger and common framework principles to debug code faster.

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379. Turn Your WordPress Site into More Than One Blog with the Easy Content Types Plugin

WordPress started as a blogging platform but thanks to many thousands of plugins, nowadays it can be practically anything else other than a blog.

The custom post types feature is very powerful because it can turn what would be a blog post page into anything, as long as you know how to take advantage of it or you can use a plugin to simplify your task.

Read this article to learn about the Easy Content Types plugin and you can use it to easily create new custom post types, taxonomies and meta boxes.

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373. Using Microsoft Visual Studio as PHP IDE with the PHP Tools extension: Part 1 PHP Editing Support

Microsoft Visual Studio is a very popular IDE among developers using Windows but it does not come with built-in support to PHP. On the other hand, 75% of the PHP developers use Windows when they are developing their PHP projects.

Fortunately for Visual Studio fans there is an extension called PHP Tools that adds PHP support to that IDE and works with the Microsoft Visual Studio.

Read this first part of the article to learn how to use the PHP Tools extension so you can setup and edit PHP code projects from Visual Studio.

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368. 10 Aspects on Which BitBucket Is Better Than GitHub

Most of us are familiar with Git, which is a very popular version control system. GitHub contributed to make Git very popular to the point that some people even confuse Git with GitHub.

However there are several other project hosting sites that provide better features than GitHub. BitBucket is one of those sites.

Read this article to learn about those features of BitBucket that in my opinion make it better than GitHub.

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362. Make Your WordPress Posts More Attractive with the Visualizer Charts and Graphs Plugin

Users that read blog posts love to see graphics that visualize the information that the posts are talking about. One way to include nice graphics in your WordPress blog posts is to present charts or graphs that to visualize interesting data sets.

Read this article to learn how to embed nice interactive charts and graphs in your WordPress blog using the Visualizer plugin.

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360. Fast Debugging of PHP Code Using PHPEd Part1: Finding Bugs in Code Running on a Web Server

Debugging PHP code is a crucial activity that most developers have to do frequently. Sometimes simple echo or error_log calls will do, but for more complicated bugs, a single step debugger integrated with your IDE is the way to go to understand what is wrong.

PhpED is one of the oldest PHP IDEs that integrates this possibility to debug PHP scripts running them step by step either from a command line, or even in a Web server which is the most common and hard to debug environment.

Read this article to learn how PHP code debugging works and how you can do it from the comfort of a PHP IDE like PhpED.

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349. What Salary Could You Be Earning as Software Developer?

When it comes to negotiating a salary with a company that you want to work with, it's hard to know where to start, especially if you don't have a good baseline for what other people with similar skills are being paid.

A salary calculator is a good way to get data on how much similar jobs are paying, so you can go into a salary negotiation prepared.

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346. 20 Great AngularJS Books That You May Get With Discount For a Limited Time

AngularJS is a popular JavaScript framework used frequently for creating single page applications that work very fast.

Read this article to learn about 20 AngularJS books and videos that you can buy with a 50% just for the next days.

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344. Where Can You Earn the Most Money as a Software Engineer?

Traditional job searches are opaque and one-sided, particularly when it comes to salary negotiations. Candidates often donít know the market rate for their skill set and level of experience, or how offers they receive stack up to the other opportunities that are out there. Hired.com is on a mission to change all that.

Read this article to learn how to find how much software engineers are making in different countries based on research conducted by Hired.com.

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342. Codelobster PHP Tutorial for Rapid Building of Framework Based Applications

Codelobster is a PHP IDE with special support for building applications based on well known frameworks and CMS systems such as Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, YII, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, etc...

Read this tutorial article to learn how to quickly build framework based PHP applications with Codelobster IDE.

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