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How to Participate in the PHP Classes Market For You to Sell Your Products to Other PHP Developers and Make More Money Doing What You Love

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The PHP Classes is in the final steps of implementing a marketplace for any developer to sell their products.

This is a way to help developers like yourself do more of what you love and make more money so you can spend more time on your product development and better quality of life.

Now we need your input to sort the priorities to implement the last steps of the marketplace.

Please read this short article to understand better the PHP Classes marketplace and how you can participate or help the PHP Classes continue supporting all PHP developers.

Loaded Article

What Will be the PHP Classes MarketPlace

The PHP Classes MarketPlace is an evolution of the PHP Classes site shopping section.

Since 2018 we have been working on this evolution. We got a suggestion from another PHP developer who contributed to the PHP Classes site with his packages and has his product for PHP developers.

It was such a great idea that we decided to embrace this evolution of the PHP Classes site.

It took all this time to make it happen because our team at Icontem company is small, and we also need to do other tasks that generate revenue because we need to keep the site financially viable.  

Why the MarketPlace is Being Created

I have already told this part of the story several times. Let me share the essential details for those not aware of the story. If you are aware of the story, you can skip this part of the article.

I have been a PHP developer since 1997 when PHP was in version 2. In 1999, PHP 3 was released with the initial support to object-oriented support. That was when I created the PHP Classes site as a hobby.

In 2001 my son was born, and I decided to turn the project into a full-time business. In late 2002, the project started making money with advertising.

This allowed me to fulfill one of my dreams, which was to see my son grow to be present as a father most of the time.

I have had a privileged life because I succeeded in turning my passion for software development into a full-time business, having a lovely wife, a son, and maybe more in the future, many friends and colleagues.

I am aware that many developers also have a similar dream. Maybe you are one of those developers. So it is time to say thank you for helping to fulfill my goal so early in my life.

I know that just saying thank you is not enough. I want to retribute to all these years of success maintaining a large community of PHP developers worldwide.

The marketplace will be a way to help more developers to become full-time business owners and, at the same time, keep the PHP Classes modernized and financially viable.

We have many plans after we launch the marketplace. I will get back to those plans after the marketplace launch.

How You can Participate in the Marketplace

First, let me explain what products we can sell in the marketplace. A product can be:

1. A tool that developers can use to do their work faster, like, for instance, and performance optimization tool

2. An API that does part of the work of an application

3. Physical products like the PHP elePHPant that a partner can sell in a country closer to their customers to reduce shipping costs.

4. A course to teach developers how to solve development problems.

For each of these types of products, we can integrate them into our marketplace or send potential customers to the partner sales site.

Right now, we need to decide which of the possible approaches we will implement first. Some of the courses are already implemented and tested.

So, for now, if you want us to help sell a product, please fill out this form to let us know about your interest in participating in the marketplace, so you can be one of the first partners that we will help to make more sales.

How Can Turn My Developer Passion into a Full Time Business If I Do Not Have a Product

If you do not have a product, we can help you by mentoring you to learn how to turn your current PHP projects into products that other developers will want to buy.

Please fill out this form to inform us about your interest in getting free mentoring to find business opportunities in your current projects. 

How You Can Help If You Do Not Want to Sell A Product in the MarketPlace

If you do not sell a product, you can still help the PHP Classes to continue to support PHP developers by buying the original PHP elePHPant or buying a premium subscription to access remote PHP jobs.

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