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Participate in the Lately in PHP podcast in Video with Google Hangouts

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The upcoming episodes of the Lately in PHP podcast will be recorded in video using the Google Hangouts service.

This is a brief note on how you can participate in the recording sessions if you are interested to have a voice and interact with other podcast participants giving your opinion on the different subjects that we will discuss.

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Google Hangouts On Air

For those not yet familiar, Google Hangouts is a Web based video conferencing system provided by Google that is integrated with the Google+ social network. This way you can talk with several people and see their faces live if they use a webcam.

Recently Google introduced several enhancements to Google Hangouts that among other things allow you to broadcast live the hangout session to your Google+ page and also have the video recorded and uploaded to your YouTube account. These features make part of the Google Hangouts On Air.

Lately in PHP podcast in the Google Hangouts On Air

The Google Hangouts On Air edition is not yet generally available to all Google+ users. However, thanks to the guides of the Google Top Contributor program, on which I have the pleasure and the privilege to participate, this feature was enabled on the PHP Classes site Google+ account.

Therefore, starting the next episode, we are going to try recording the Lately in PHP podcast using the Google Hangouts On Air.

This is still an experimental idea, but if all goes well, all the upcoming podcast episodes will be recorded this way.

Participating the podcast recording

One of the nicest features of the Google Hangouts is that up to 10 people can participate both watching and talking. So, we will be allowing other people to participate up to the limit of participants allowed by Google. Over that limit, other people may still watch the recording live by going to the hangout page.

All you need to do to participate is to be ready to access the hangouts page when the podcast is being recorded. We do not know the exact date and time when this will be recorded, usually is about one week before the end of each month, but we will try to tell the interested users with as much anticipation.

So, if you want to participate, the best way to learn about this is to go to add yourself as friend of the PHP Classes site Google+ user, which appears also with the name of Manuel Lemos.

Add that account to your circles. Once you do that I will add you to a special circle that will be used to invite you when the podcast recording. I will also try to send you a message with good anticipation when I know the estimated date and time that we plan to record, so you can get ready to participate in that date.

We expect to not exceed one hour of recording, but we always spend some time before preparing the topics that will be discussed. Hangout participants will be invited to give their opinions on the different matters that we will discuss, as time permits.

So, go ahead an add yourself as friend of the PHP Classes site Google+ user because the first recording is expected to happen in the next few days.

If you cannot make it to the recording, that is OK, the video and the audio will be made available a few days later complete with transcription in the PHP Classes site blog section for the Lately in PHP podcast section as usual.

Participation requirements

You can use several types of browsers but you may be required to install an extension to record and transmit audio and video. You should have at least a working microphone to participate and give your opinion. Webcam is recommended so we can see you, but it is not mandatory.

Needless to say that you should act like a civilized person and respect everybody. Obviously you will be allowed to express your opinion when asked to do so, even if it is contrary to other participants. Just try to follow the order of the podcast determined before the recording and pay attention to hints to move on, so the podcast does not exceed 1 hour of recording time.

If you have any questions, please post them here in time, so any clarifications are done before the big premiere.

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