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Ranktrader is a site that works like stock exchange for Websites. Its a new concept of site that lets Website owners sell shares and earn money to fund the development of the sites.

Read this article to learn how it works, so you can develop or improve your PHP Websites selling your site shares in Ranktrader, and at the same time get more traffic to your site.

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By Richard Synett Malta

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Note: Once in a while the PHPClasses site provides space to allow sponsors to tell a bit more about relevant products that may be of the interest to PHP users that visit this site. This article is sponsored by Ranktraders, a company that provides a marketplace for Website owners trade vShares of their sites.


Ranktrader is a marketplace site that allows Website owners to trade  virtual shares, or vShares, of their sites and at the same time attract more traffic to the sites.

ranktrader logo

As we approach our one year anniversary, I am excited to take a walk down memory lane just to evaluate how far this site has come since we launched just a few short months ago. Ranktrader, the first and only virtual stock market for websites, have been bringing webmasters and investors together in its growing market.

As a webmaster, I have worked with several developers to include the tools I feel would benefit webmasters like myself.

Before I elaborate on the features of the platform below, I want to share what I feel is the most compelling reason for you to get on board. That reason is passive income.

Whether you setup a business website to promote your services, or an affiliate site to earn commissions, the goal is the same: to make money. And we all know that it takes time to start making money on the Internet.

Google updates have made it even harder for a webmaster to branch out and start getting decent traffic and income online.

Ranktrader will not give you a shortcut to success, but it can certainly send you some decent traffic and give you the opportunity to earn extra revenue through your website.

How do You Earn Money?

It is simple actually. Once you sign up and submit your site, you will have to make a public offering to sell virtual shares on the market. You will earn extra income (but not lose control of your site) when investors purchase vShares in your site.

If you have been on the web for some time, you know that making money online is never as easy as it looks, you must work for your success. The principle applies even with Ranktrader.

Your site must have all the ingredients that would encourage investors to take notice. Fortunately, those are the precise ingredients that will get you ranked in search engines like Google. Those ingredients include good Page Rank, Alexa Rank, SiteScore, Site Backlinks, SiteWeight, Recommendations, Referring Domains, and Votes in the marketplace.

On that note, let’s take a look at the tools Ranktrader offers to webmasters.

Ranktrader RT Analytics

The RT Analytics is another reason why you need to get on this platform right now. It’ is a tool that’ is similar to Google Analytics in that you can use it to keep track of your website’s metrics. Google Analytics is a superb tool, but if you a’re not comfortable leaving all your information open to Google’'s scrutiny, then RT Analytics is the tool for you.

ranktrader analytic

You also have the option to use both. You will find that the interface is a lot less complicated than Google’'s, and you’ will have the ability to check just the metrics that you need.

In the Statistics tab, you can track metrics such as Visitors, Origin, Referrals, and Content.

Track Your SEO

Sign up for Ranktrader, and get full access to the SEO dashboard to see how your site has evolved over time. Track your site’s pagerank, backlinks, referring domains, and Alexa rank all from within the SEO Evolution dashboard.

The backlinks are separated into Do Follow and No Follow backlinks to give you an in depth analysis of your link building strategy.

See How Your Site Stacks Up

Ever wondered how your site stacks up against your competitors? With Ranktrader, you will no’t have to wonder.

Use Ranktrader resources to compare your site to other sites in the marketplace or to competitors in your niche. The metrics will point out the areas for improvement so you can boost your traffic and your presence in the marketplace.

What More could You Want?

The value of all the tools in the webmaster’s interface provides more than enough incentive to join, but they a’re actually just icing on the cake. The real benefit of Ranktrader comes from trading your website’s virtual shares to earn extra income online.

To get all these exciting benefits, you need to sign up. Submit your email to request an invite, or use any of your social media accounts (Facebook, Google+ or Twitter) – to sign in. Read and agree to the terms of service and you wi’ll be on your way.

RankTrader is currently in the beta phase, meaning webmasters cannot deal with real money for now. But starting soon, you will be able to make use of real money in the marketplace.

Also, we are working on developing a tool called "RankBot" which will automatically reward those webmasters who join RankTrader right now.

Try it Now with Free 50 Euro Credit

RankTrader is currently in beta , which means you can play on the marketplace without investing any real money. If you join RankTrader and have your very own IPO right now, you will be rewarded with 50 Euro worth of vShares once the beta phase is over. So, go on, give RankTrader a try!

The free 50 Euro credit applies to any webmaster who joins RankTrader. Just request an invitation to join and quote your site in the marketplace as a webmaster, and you willl get 50 Euro worth of vShares once real money trading starts.

Go on now, check out Ranktrader Quick Guide, and see how much Ranktrader can do for you.

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