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PHP and JavaScript Innovation Award Report March 2015 Edition - December 2014 nominees

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This is the March edition of the Innovation Award podcast hangout recorded by Manuel Lemos and Arturs Sosins to comment on the outstanding features of all the past month nominees and winners PHP and JavaScript packages, the prizes that the authors earned, starting with the nominees from the month of December 2014.

Listen to the podcast, or watch the hangout video, or read the transcript to learn why the nominated packages were considered to be innovative.

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This is the latest podcast hangout episode on the PHP Innovation Award  and the JavaScript Innovation Award about the nominees of December 2014. We comment only on past nominees to avoid influencing the voting results. This way we are only talking of packages published already in November. The nominees of November were voted on December. In January the results were announced.

You may listen to the audio recording, or watch the hangout video, or read the transcript below.

JavaScript Innovation Award Nominees of December 2014 (00:20)

1Observer Pattern
Manage list of observer objects
Chi HoangFrance50.00%2One year server license IP to country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone, area code database
Abstract API to access DOM elements and events
JosephUnited States50.00%2

JavaScript Innovation Award Rankings of 2015 (03:36)

Award Winners by Author of 2015

1Andras TothHungary11

Award Winners by Country of 2015


PHP Innovation Award Nominees of December 2014 (04:28)

1PHP SSH Shell Script Generator
Generate shell scripts to run on remote servers
Nadir LatifPakistan21.62%10One subscription to the PDF edition of the PHP Architect magazine
Get the different forms of language words
wapmorganRussian Federation16.22%9One downloadable copy of Komodo IDE
2PHP File Path Normalizer
Get the full path of files relative to root
Michael CummingsUnited States16.22%9PhpStorm IDE personal permanent license
2PHP DropBox Backup Uploader
Backup local files as a ZIP archive to Dropbox
ettore morettiItaly16.22%9One downloadable e-book of choice by O'Reilly
5PHP MySQL Full Text Search
Perform full text search on MySQL with autocorrect
Taiwo PeaceNigeria8.11%6One downloadable copy of CodeLobster Professional
5PHP RLE Compression Algorithm
Compress and decompress data using RLE in pure PHP
Chi HoangFrance8.11%6One copy of the Zend Studio
7Joomla Seblod Post
Post article in Joomla Seblod from outside the app
Leandro CunhaBrazil5.41%4One book of choice by Packt
8PHP Google Custom Search API
Search for keywords using Google Custom Search API
Jacob FoggUnited States2.70%3One copy of VS.PHP
8Pure PHP Yubicloud authentication
Check YubiKeys OTP in multiple servers
André LiechtiSwitzerland2.70%3One downloadable copy of PhpED Professional
8Christmas Gift
Decide to buy a gift for you or another person
Roberto AlemanVenezuela2.70%3One copy of DWebPro Standard License

PHP Innovation Award Rankings of 2015 (14:26)

Award Winners by Author of 2015

1Raskin VeniaminRussian Federation19
2Rafael RodriguezCuba28
2YoungHyeong RyuSouth Korea18
4Maicon gonçalezBrazil17
5André LiechtiSwitzerland16
5Gianluca ZanferrariThe Netherlands16
7Michal KowalikPoland14
8Amer HendyEgypt11

Award Winners by Country of 2015

1Russian FederationRussian Federation19
2South KoreaSouth Korea18
5The NetherlandsThe Netherlands16


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Read the podcast transcript

JavaScript Innovation Award Nominees of December 2014 (00:20)


Manuel Lemos: Now, we're moving on to the final section on which we comment about the Innovation Award nominees and winners, starting with the Innovation Award of JSClasses. So we're starting with the nominees of December. They were voted in January, so in February, the results come out, so now we can comment.

Arturs, which package would you like to comment?

Arturs Sosins: Let me share the screen first. It should be shared, right?

OK, so the one I wanted to comment is the package that is called Observer Pattern, which was developed by Chi Hoang from France. What this package does, it manages the list of observers that observe some changes in another object.

When I view the first example then, it did not make any sense to me. I don't know if you see anything, but basically those are some internal classes that they use. But when I run the example, it actually made quite sense.

It generates the list of observers that observe the changes in time class and get updated when it updates. So basically, that's the example of how it runs. I don't know why there are some internal classes that does it, but you have to draw basically the main classes, the list that handles all the observers.

OK, so Chi Hoang got also one year server license IP to country for this package.

Manuel Lemos: That's good. On my behalf, I would like to comment on another package, which is UniDOM.js from Joseph, from the United States. He developed a package that provides an abstraction to access DOM elements. But, usually, the existing APIs, even in the browser too, to get DOM elements, they use the exact names of the classes or identifiers.

So this package provides a different alternative that allows to use regular expressions. So if you want to match elements that start with some name, you can put a regular expression and search for it in that way.

Arturs Sosins: This was a varied selector, only regular expressions.

Manuel Lemos: Exactly. That's a different alternative and for that, he was nominated. He did not pick a prize actually, because I tried to contact him, and so far he did not return. So Joseph, if you are listening to this, please contact back so you can claim your prize.

JavaScript Innovation Award Rankings of 2015 (03:36)

Manuel Lemos: So now, let's talk about the Innovation Award rankings. This time, we are already in 2015, and although we did not talk yet about the nominees of 2015, we can talk already about the rankings.

We only had one nominee in January. It was a low month. So far, there is not much to say than to say that Andras Toth is leading because nobody else participated in January, and for that, Hungary is leading also in the ranking by countries.

PHP Innovation Award Nominees of December 2014 (04:28)

Manuel Lemos: So that's all we have to say about this ranking for this month. Let's move on with the Innovation Award of PHP Classes. In December, there were like ten nominees. They were nominated in December, then in January, there was the vote, and in February, the results come out. So let's comment about these packages.

Arturs, which ones would you like to start?

Arturs Sosins: So the first one I wanted to comment is a class named PHP SSH Shell Script Generator, developed by Nadir Latif from Pakistan. Basically what this class does, it takes SSH commands from a file and generates like shells script that could be executed on multiple remote servers, remote computers. Basically, you can create one PHP script to control multiple remote servers, update and restore them with this class. It's pretty cool and probably that's why it also won the Innovation Award.

Nadir got one subscription to the PDF edition of the PHP Architect magazine.

The second one I wanted to comment on is the class that is called PHP DropBox Backup Uploader, developed by Ettore Moretti from Italy. Well, we all need to manage backups. Some of us saving them on the same server, some of them uploading it to others. Some of them emailing them. And this class, what it provides is the option to save your backups to your DropBox Folder which sync with your computer. I think that's an awesome option to do that.

Ettore got one downloadable e-book of choice by O'Reilly for this class.

The other ones that I wanted to comment on is the class named Morphos by wapmorgan from Russian Federation. What this class does, it can morph the words. You provide one word in singular and it would translate it to plural, and it works for Russian and English words.

Wapmorgan got one downloadable copy of Komodo IDE for this class.

Next class is PHP File Path Normalizer. It basically normalizes the absolute path and allows you to check it. It was developed by Michael Cummings from the United States. As far as I understood, the applications would be mostly for security purposes to check paths if they are executing in scripts. Then, it would be easier to check with that which script and which directory was it executing.

Michael Cummings got PhpStorm IDE personal permanent license.

And the last one I would like to comment on is PHP MySQL Full Text Search. What it does, it basically allows you to perform full text searches in multiple fields in the table and also provide an auto-correction options for your searchable keywords. It's really nice, and if you need such functionality, you can use this class.

It was developed by Taiwo Peace from Nigeria. He got one downloadable copy of CodeLobster Professional for this class.

So that's it on my part.

Manuel Lemos: Well, on my behalf, I also would like to comment on a few classes. Let me share the screen here. The first one that I would like to comment is this one from André Liechti. I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing his name right. He's from Switzerland, and it is called Pure PHP Yubicloud authentication.

What it does is to check one time passwords on multiple servers. This is not a trivial matter, but it's related with security and one time passwords are used to share tokens that can only be used once. They allow avoiding replay attacks, like for instance you pass the password and somebody stolen that password, but since it can only be used once, it will not work more than the first time.

YubiKeys, I suppose, this is a product that generates one time passwords, and it can check them with a cloud servers.

So for this, Andre picked one downloadable copy of PhpED Professional.

The next package that I wanted to comment is this one from Jacob Fogg, PHP Google Custom Search API, which is basically a response to a recommended package request.

Several people, actually a developer posted a request for package that could call this API of Google, which is basically a programmatic way to perform searches in a way that Google allows it. Because there are people that are scraping the search results of Google by crawling their search pages, but that is not acceptable by Google. Sometimes they block the IPs and so on, so the right way to use the Google Search is to use this API, and Jacob was nominated for that.

He picked one copy of VS.PHP, which is an extension for visual studio to work more well-integrated with PHP. So congratulations to Jacob.

The next package that I would like to comment is a Christmas Gift which is a very peculiar class by Roberto Aleman from Venezuela. He developed/implemented a sort of algorithm that helps you decide if you should you buy a gift for you, for another person. It was developed in Christmas season, so it was very interesting. It takes in consideration several aspects. He asks questions, and depending on your answers, it determines if you should give the gift or not.

It's quite curious, this package. Roberto picked the DWebPro license as his prize for his submission.

The next package that I wanted to comment is Joomla Seblod Post, which is a package that can post an article in a Joomla Seblod installation, but you can do it from outside Joomla. So you don't need to use Joomla code to integrate with this type of Joomla installation.

I do not know what it is exactly, what is Joomla Seblod. It's probably an extension. Well, Joomla users know it better. It seems to be useful because you can do that, post articles from outside the installation. So you can integrate applications with your Joomla setup.

The author, Leandro Cunha, from Brazil picked a book of choice from Packt.

The next package that I wanted to comment is from Chi Hoang. Actually, we already talked about this because he was interviewed for the Innovation Award. Basically, he had implemented a compression algorithm called RLE. This algorithm is very simple and not very used because it does not achieve great results. It was used in the early days when almost nobody was using compression.

It's very simple and actually Chi Hoang from France, in the interview, explained that it was an exercise for a job interview that he had taken, and they asked him to implement this algorithm or something like that.

So it's innovative. Although it's probably not very useful these days, but it's still interesting. For that, Chi Hoang picked a copy of Zend Studio for that. I think he already received it.

PHP Innovation Award Rankings of 2015 (14:26)

Manuel Lemos: Now, finally, we are talking about the ranking of the Innovation Awards. Since we are already considering the nominees of January, we don't have many news to talk about. It's just to say that mostly, the ranking by author is practically the same ranking as the package that were nominated.

So it was lead by Raskin Veniamin from Russia, and followed by Rafael Rodriguez that had two packages being nominated. And for that, he already got eight points for far.

There are several others here with less points. We're not going to comment on all of them, just move on to the Innovation Award Championship by country, which is lead so far by Russia because it's the country of the leader, Raskin Veniamin, then followed by Cuba with eight points, which are the same points of Rafael Rodriguez from Cuba, as I mentioned. Then, the rest are particularly the same positions of the other winners.

So I hope starting next months, when we have winners of different months scoring in this ranking, let's see how these ranking evolves.

Practically, we have ended this Hangout without my image, unfortunately, but we still have the image of Arturs. I would like to thank you, Arturs, again for coming.

On my behalf, that is all for now. Bye.

Arturs Sosins: Bye.


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