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When creating a software product business most developers prefer to just deal with with the software development part.

However, somebody should take care of the marketing, sales, finances, human resources, etc.. The best way to cover for these business needs is to bring people specialized on these areas, so you can continue to focus on the software development efforts.

But how should you keep them interested working for your company? Should you hire them or make them business partners? How do you pick business partners that will not cause you trouble later?

Watch this consulting session video to learn how to answer these questions so your business grows in a healthy manner with great partners.

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How to Pick Partners for a Software Product Business

Insights on how to Pick Partners for a Software Product Business

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Get Free Consulting Advice for your own Software Product Business

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How to Pick Partners for a Software Product Business

What we developers like most is to write code and see it working. However, just writing code will not make your software products sell by themselves to the customers. Somebody needs to take care at least of the marketing and sales of your products.

I know this very well because for all these years that I have been working on PHP Classes I did not have anybody besides me to take care of that. Several types of revenue sources depended on third-party companies that would do the for instance the sales of advertising spaces.

That may work for a while but I am sure I left a lot of money on the table for relying on third parties. Furthermore, it is not a good idea to depend your business on the efforts of a few companies. If they stop doing their job well for some reason, your company revenue is compromised.

So if possible it is always recommended to have your own staff take care of the marketing and sales efforts. This way you only depend on your effort to bring relevant products to your market that can sell well.

However, in the beginning you do not have great budget to hire staff and pay for their work from your pocket. Maybe you can do that later when your business grows to a reasonable level.

So in the beginning either you do that yourself or you can bring some partners. I have done my own marketing and sales for many years but that was certainly something that I did with pleasure because I am a developer, so marketing and sales are not my main vocation.

A better alternative could be to bring partners to your business that will take care of those roles. You will solve the problem of splitting the work between partners but first you need to be able to pick the right partners.

You certainly need to avoid bringing people that will cause you more problems than they solve. It is a know fact that according to a local startups organization about 60% of the startup companies fail due to disagreements between partners.

So what should be good criteria to pick the right partners? What they should get in trade for their participation? How to avoid that they leave your company later with your business secrets and become your competitors?

A free consulting session was given to a developer that wanted to know how to answer thes and other questions. Below follows the video of this consulting session.

The developer in question preferred to remain anonymous, so his name and image do not appear and his voice was distorted.

Insights on How Can I Make My Software Product Highly Desired by the Customers?

From this consulting session here follows several insights:

1. All partners in your company should have different non-competing roles

2. Make partners and give shares to important people that you do not want to leave your company

3. Give away newly coming partners company shares in exchange for work or investment

4. Avoid bringing partners that have a problematic attitude

5. Make sure you bring partners that are really interested in your software product business

Get Free Consulting Advice for your own Software Product Business

Now you can also get free consulting sessions over Skype to get advice on how to solve specific software product business problems that you maybe having, so you can become more confident and get on with your business without fear.

Just join this Facebook group called Fix My Software Product Business and ask your questions there. At the top of this group there is a post that tells you how you can apply to get a free consulting session without revealing your identity if you prefer.

The only condition is that you allow the sessions to be recorded, but your name and image will not appear and your voice will be distorted in case you want to keep your identity secret to protect your business.

Free Workshop of Software Product Business Creation

For the last 15 years I have been working full time in the PHP Classes site as my full time business. Many of the things I know I learned by doing it.

I made lots of mistakes, but I also got many things right to the point of gathering a large PHP community. Over the last 17 years of existence it reached 1.4 million registered users. It keeps growing at the pace of about 5.000 new registered users every month.

So I would like to share what I learned, so you do not have to spend 15 years in error and trial like I did to learn about software product business.

My goal is to build a community of successful developers that not only create nice software that they like, but also are independent and have autonomy to work on what you want. As a community we can help each other and be more successful then when we work alone.

So, to get you started, soon there will be a free workshop online in video that you can watch and learn these methods and everything else you need to know to create your own software product business the right way with low risk of failure.

To be notified of when this workshop will start, go to the video page, and below the video click on the link to signup quickly with your Facebook account or signup with your email address. As a bonus you will also get access to a new video on which I teach you how to make highly desired software products.

Watch the Video

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