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The PHPClasses site is starting a new experimental initiative meant to help the users keeping upto date with the latest PHP news of interest.

This initiative consists on using the to syndicate a selection of news articles about PHP, the PHPClasses site and related matters.

Anybody can participate by suggesting the articles that can feature in the selection.

Loaded Article
- PHP news in the PHPClasses site newsletter

Since 2002, about 4 years ago, the PHPClasses site includes news from the PHP world in the site newsletter, as you may read here in the original announcement: ...

The idea was to provide additional information of value in the site newsletter with news that may interest PHP users. The goal is to help keeping the users upto date about matters that are interesting but they may not have the time to keep digging the Internet to find relevant stories.

Initially the PHPClasses site started syndicating PHP news feeds aggregated by . More recently it started syndicating from . However, until now the PHPClasses site was no longer syndicating news from any site.

The problem is that those sites were maintained by developers that run them as an hobby. Sometimes they could not promptly fix certain issues that came up and prevented their services to work correctly. So, the syndication from those sites has stopped.

Still, the PHPClasses site users always appreciated the time and effort put up by Jonathan Maron of and Mathias Helm or for keeping their sites working well while it was possible.

Now it is time to find another source of interesting PHP related news and articles.

- What about ?

If you have not yet heard about it, is a brilliant site that publishes short story articles submitted by the site users. Those stories are about news and articles posted on other sites.

It is a bit like Slashdot but with certain enhancements in the way it works . The main difference is that everybody has access to stories that have not yet been promoted to the front page. That makes it possible for any user to help deciding which stories should be or not be promoted to the front page.

When you approve a story, you click on the "digg it" link. A story can only be promoted to the front page if there are at least about 30 "diggs" in the latest 24 hours .

If you are interested to know more about, check the respective Wikipedia page:

- Getting PHP stories from into PHPClasses newsletter

From now on the PHPClasses site is syndicating stories of interest to the PHP users submitted to .

It works like this. There is one user in with an account named phpclasses .

Every story that I find interesting about PHP is dug by the phpclasses user. The site generates an RSS feed with the stories dug by this user.

The latest syndicated stories are included in the newsletter that is sent by e-mail to the site subscribers. The newsletter is also available online here:

- Anybody can help selecting the articles to feature

Finding and selecting the stories of interest will take some time and dedication. You can help making that job more enjoyable and useful for the benefit of the PHPClasses site users and the PHP developers in general.

You can help in several ways. You can start by creating an account in if you do not have one already. Then you can go to the phpclasses user page and click on the green link to add yourself as a friend of that user:

Once you do that I will be able to find easily the stories that you have submitted, dug or commented. So, I can select any relevant story easily, even if the story was not yet promoted to front page.

Note that I cannot select every possible PHP related story that you may submit. I will have to choose which seem more relevant. I intend to give priority to stories about classes, reviews or posts submitted to the PHPClasses site, although I expect that most of the selected stories will be of general PHP interest.

Even from those I have to limit the number of stories to select to not take to much space in the PHPClasses site newsletter.

Before I am misunderstood, the idea is not to compete with the other PHP news and content sites, but rather to provide an information service focused on the interests of the PHPClasses site users.

If you have another PHP community site, this initiative may well be something that you can adopt to provide a similar service to your community site users.

This initiative is experimental and I may need to adjust certain aspects if necessary. If you have other ideas or suggestions, I would be most interested to hear. Just submit your comments to this post.

Other than that, start submitting, digging and comment about PHP stories now so we all can enjoy from a greater community effort.

I would like to finish this post by publicly congratulating the creators of, Kevin Rose, Owen Byrne, Ron Gorodetzky, and Jay Adelson.

I would like thank them for this brilliant idea that provides a fair chance to everybody that wants to become relevant by sharing stories of interest to the users' community.

Manuel Lemos

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