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Many developers are looking for more jobs that pay better but there are difficulties for both the candidates and companies willing to recruit them because candidates often do not get a response from recruiting companies, or the companies get too much candidates that do not satisfy the requirements.

The PHP Classes site has a good job system but it could be better addressing these difficulties, at least for people like you that is looking for great developer jobs and you are not able to the great jobs you wanted.

Read this article to learn how you can help by collaborating with us and be able to participate in beta tests of an evolution the current job system.

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The Problems of the Current Job System

The Solutions Needed to Create a Better Job System

How You Can Help?

The Problems of the Current Job System

Being a software developer is great because it is a fun activity that we all appreciate and can be paid a good amount of money so we can work probably forever on it.

However, it is not always easy to get a new developer job. Some of us developers do not have as much experience as it is necessary, or sometimes we have more experience that it is needed, or the companies are not certain about our qualifications, or the companies do not know what exactly they need. In the end companies may not hire anybody or even hire somebody that will give them more problems that can solve the problems they have.

As far as I am aware, most job systems that exist out there do not solve these problems well. The success rate between the number of candidates and the number of hires is often very low.

Recruiters do their best but they cannot do miracles. Often they do not know the right questions to get the right answers, especially when they are recruiting developers without understanding about software development.

How many times have you encountered a recruiter asking for a Java developer when the requirement was for a JavaScript developer?

However it is not recruiters fault they do not know everything. Nobody knows everything. I do not know everything, you do not know everything, developers, recruiters and companies do not know everything. But we try to do our best at the role that we occupy.

The bottom line is that somebody has to do something because the inefficiency of the current job systems is to high to be ignored. That is why we are set to solve those problems mentioned above, as well others that we need your collaboration to find out and understand.

The Solutions Needed to Create a Better Job System

I am originally from Portugal. In Portugal there is a saying that states: "If it is not a ox, it is a cow" (se no um boi, uma vaca", or you may read "if it is not a boy, it is a girl". This means that if the solution we have is not good enough, we must think of something else.

Nowadays I help people creating new businesses or improve their current businesses somehow. There is a method called design thinking which we can apply to discover exactly what are the most pressing problems of the customers at a target market.

Currently we are focusing on the jobs market as our target market. So to find out the solutions for the people that act in this market, we need to first discover the problems that are not well solved, so we can propose solutions for each the most important problems.

So right now we are at step 1 of the design thinking process. We need to find out what exactly are those problems before we can present solutions. Guessing what are the greatest problems may help but it is better to ask the people those people in the target market, so they can help understanding those problems.

How You Can Help?

This is the part that you can help. I mean not just you as developer, but you that may also be involved in the process of recruiting and hiring developers for a small project that you want to start, or a bigger project at startup business, or even at a large company.

For now, the way you can help is simply to fill a small survey that asks just a few questions regarding what is your role either as a developer looking for more or better jobs, or as a recruiter that is looking for great developers to place them in companies looking for them, or companies willing to hire the best developers for the jobs they have at hand.

You may wonder why are you going to help? It is simple but may not be obvious. The reason is that you want to do what you love most, which is software development, and then as a consequence you will be paid fairly for the benefit you provide to the company that will hire you.

It is not the other way around because if you do not give priority to work on what you love, you will be frustrated and no money will reward you for the time and patience you will have to put up working on a job that you do not love. Your mental sanity will be compromised and you will hate yourself in the future for bad the choices you made in the past.

So the right choice for you to make now is to help participating in the research for finding means to get you the best job possible. Now it is not too soon, nor too late to help. This is the right time to believe in loveing what you do more than many other things that are less important. So without further ado, please go ahead and fill this short survey now.

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