New PHP Innovation Award Sponsors and Prizes for 2019

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The PHP Innovation Award is being renewed after 15 years when it was started.

Read this article to learn about what is going on so you can understand more about the new prizes and sponsors that are joining the initiative.

In this article:

What is the PHP Innovation Award and Why it Was Created?

What is New in the PHP Innovation Award in 2019?

Delayed Prizes to be Delivered Soon

What is the PHP Innovation Award and Why it Was Created?

PHP Innovation AwardThe PHP Innovation Award was created in the PHP Classes site in 2004 as a means to encourage PHP developers to share PHP programming components that do new things, instead of PHP components that provide similar features to others that were already shared in the PHP Classes site.

This was a great initiative then and continues to be now 15 years after it was started. Not only it achieved its goals of encouraging developers to share innovative components but it also helps sponsor companies by providing more opportunities to let PHP developers know about the products or services that they sell.

The PHP Classes site itself does not make any money directly from this initiative. We just help many developers and companies to promote better their work. In exchange the PHP Classes gathers more audience that is interested to know more about the innovative PHP components that are shared.

What is New in the PHP Innovation Award in 2019?

A long time passed, many developers that participated in the innovation award are not longer participating or in many cases are not working as developers because they changed to other businesses.

Also some companies that used to be sponsors unfortunately did not pass the test of the time. Some closed their businesses, others were sold, and others moved on to other forms of promoting their products. That is OK. Their contribution was well appreciated We did what we can support all companies providing equal opportunities to all of them.

What did not change is the PHP Classes site commitment to deliver great content to a community that last year surpassed 1.5 million registered users and 4200 contributors that shared their own components.

We do however have some new things to announce. We are working together with some new sponsors and some old sponsors are offering better prizes. In the next days we will provide more details on separate postings for each sponsor that confirmed their participation and the prizes they are providing.

Other than that, some of the participating companies will be able to sell their products and services directly to PHP developers that visit the site. This will happen on a marketplace we are working on and have already told a bit in a recent post.

Not only we will provide more opportunities to promote products and services to these companies, but we will also help them sell to a greater audience, so they can grow and make the PHP market a better market for those companies to invest.

To quote Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP, once he said something like this: "In PHP, nothing happens if the community does not move". The PHP community are us and all of those PHP community members out there that never rest when it comes to promote work done by PHP developers.

Delayed Prizes to be Delivered Soon

In the last 3 years we have been working hard to renew the PHP Classes site as a community of many developers around the world.

This required a lot of time to research and develop the new initiatives that we are preparing to launch throughout this year.

Unfortunately this took us so much time that we started having delays in several tasks like the delivery of Innovation Award prizes of the last months. We would like to apologize for the delays but we can promise that all delayed prizes will be delivered in cooperation with sponsors that are committed to the initiative.

For now that is all. Stay tuned for the posts about the new prizes and sponsors that will be posting soon.

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