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PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
October 2005
Number 5

Prize: One downloadable copy of Komodo Pro
Generate OpenOffice documents from templates
This class can be used to generate OpenOffice by using templates and a template engine to replace the template placeholders by parameter values.

The class extends the template engine class TinyButStrong.

The class allows the creation of OpenOffice documents dynamically, providing the separation between the document formatting logic and content.

In practice, you create a template using OpenOffice with the TinyButStrong tags. Then you create a PHP script that calls the class to merges the document template with dynamically defined data to generate the output OpenOffice document.


- It works on Linux, Windows and other platforms.
- It works with OpenOffice 1.x documents and the new format used in OpenOffice 2 (OpenDocument 1.0, OASIS standard).
- It does not need an installation of OpenOffice on the server.
- It uses the TinyButStrong native syntax and methods. It can merge 'var' and 'blocks' using the TinyButStrong syntax like (var, block, if, then, frm, ...). The merge results respects the layout, justification and styles used in the template.
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