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About Egypt

    Where is Egypt?

    Flag of Egypt Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Libya and the Gaza Strip, and the Red Sea north of Sudan, and includes the Asian Sinai Peninsula

    Capital: Cairo Coordinates: 30° 3" North, 31° 15" East
    Map of Egypt

    What is the Egypt weather like?

    Desert; hot, dry summers with moderate winters

    Traveling to Egypt

    Traveling by air

    There are 83 airports in Egypt, 72 of which are paved.

    There are 7 heliports in Egypt.

    Traveling by car

    There are 65,050 Km of highways in Egypt.

    Traveling by water

    The most important ports and harbours are in Mediterranean Sea - Alexandria, Damietta, El Dekheila, Port Said.

    Traveling by train

    There are 5,085 Km of railways in Egypt.

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