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Project: filecacheclass

project_id: 17041
date_added: 2001-08-27 13:27:48
date_updated: 2001-08-27 18:41:18
projectname_short: filecacheclass
projectname_full: File cache class
desc_short: A PHP class to cache data in files.
desc_full: File cache class is a PHP Class that can cache
arbitrary data in files in order to reduce the
time necessary to regenerate pages or other types
of data that do not change every time they are
requested. It features safe locking of cache files
to avoid data corruption caused by simultaneous
accesses during cache file updates, portable
locking schemes, and the ability to set a cache
expiry date or timeout period. Cache files can
store user-defined headers besides the cached
data, and also standard headers used in HTTP like
content-length:, date:, expires:, etag:, etc. It
has been tested under Linux, SunOS and Windows.
vitality_score: 1.00
vitality_percent: 0.00
popularity_score: 120.50
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subscriptions: 2
branch_name: Default
url_homepage: http://freshmeat.net/redir/filecacheclass/17866/url_homepage/
license: Freely Distributable
latest_version: 2001.08.27