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Class: PHP Slack Bot
Robot to automate interactions with Slack users
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BotMan with WeChat

> Please note: WeChat currently does not support interactive messages / question buttons.

Login to your developer sandbox account and take note of your appId and appSecret.

There is a section called "API Config" where you need to provide a public accessible endpoint for your bot. Place the URL that points to your BotMan logic / controller in the URL field.

This URL needs to validate itself against WeChat. Choose a unique verify token, which you can check against in your verify controller and place it in the Token field.

BotMan comes with a method to simplify the verification process. Just place this line after the initialization:

$botman->verifyServices('', 'MY_SECRET_WECHAT_VERIFICATION_TOKEN');

> If you are using Laravel Valet, you can get an external URL for testing using the valet share command.


For Laravel, the app id and app key need to be in your config/services.php file

    'botman' => [
        'wechat_app_id' => 'YOUR-WECHAT-APP-ID',
        'wechat_app_key' => 'YOUR-WECHAT-APP-KEY',


If you don't use Laravel, you can pass the WeChat App ID and App Key to the BotManFactory upon initialization.

$botman = BotManFactory::create([
    'wechat_app_id' => 'YOUR-WECHAT-APP-ID',
    'wechat_app_key' => 'YOUR-WECHAT-APP-KEY',

And that's it - you can now use BotMan with WeChat to create interactive bots!