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Class: PHP Telegram Bot API
Create bots to communicate messages using Telegram
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Packaged files to create a Telegram bot in PHP using Telegram-PHP.

You MUST clone recursively with Git in order to get the dependencies.

git clone --recursive


  • @QuienMeLlamaBot / Quien Me Llama, a bot to get the name of a (spam) caller.
  • @memondo_bot / Memondo, get images and videos from the Memondo Network services (Cuanto Cabrón, Vaya Gif...)
  • @LoLPartyBot / LoL Party WIP, join to a League of Legends party with selected people
  • @ProfesorOak_bot / El Profesor Oak WIP, a multi-purpose bot focused on managing Pokemon GO users, getting info and play some games.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.