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Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/markdown
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: spiral
Modular Web application development framework
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CHANGELOG for 1.0.0

1.0.7 (04.10.2017)

  • Ability to specify JSON response code inside jsonSerialize

1.0.6 (28.09.2017)

  • Fixed a bug when error message was converted to empty array
  • Fixed a bug when multidepth requests contained invalid prefix (in case of depth more than 3)


  • ability to locate view cache files by view name and namespace


  • ability to add conditions to skip validation rules

1.0.2 (04.05.2017)

  • ValidatesEntity now caches last set of produced errors
  • Ability to use EntityInterface as parameter for ValidatorInterface->setData() method

1.0.1 (20.04.2017)

  • Improved cache management for StemplerEngine (fixed issue with non-stable cache key)
  • Ability to force view recompilation thought ViewManager

1.0.0 (06.04.2017)

  • first public release, no BC changes

0.9.14 (31.03.2017)

  • improvements in Translation indexations

0.9.13 (31.03.2017)

  • bugfix in Loader caused an exception with Swift::autoloader

0.9.12 (24.03.2017)

  • uri function restored
  • Router is now available outside of http scope

0.9.11 (22.03.2017)

  • Cache directory is now relative to runtime directory

0.9.10 (10.03.2017)

  • DateTime accessors now can accept DateTimeInterface

0.9.6 (07.02.2017)

  • Dependencies update
  • Validator can now accept checkers outside of it's config

0.9.5 (07.02.2017)

  • Proper timezone detection for datetime accessors
  • RenderException now shows original error location in views
  • Improvements in cache management for Twig engine

0.9.1 (05.02.2017)

Encrypter * Proper exception when encryption key is invalid

Session * Session does not force session id in cookie when session not started

0.9.0 (05.02.2017)

Framework * Dropped support of PHP5+ * Added secure session implementation * Code coverage improvements * Twig updated to 2.0 branch * PHPUnit updated to 5.0 branch * Components split into separate repositories * Symfony dependencies updated to 3.0 branch * added bind() function to specify IoC dependencies in configs * ViewSource class added into views

Common * Dropped support of PHP5+ * Code coverage improvements * Cache component removed (replaced with PSR-16) * Views component moved to Framework bundle * Validation component moved to Framework bundle * Translation component moved to Framework bundle * Encryption component moved to Framework bundle * Migrations component moved in

* Automatic migration generation is now part of Migration component

* Security component moved in * Monolog dependency removed * PHPUnit updated to 5.0 branch * Symfony dependencies updated to 3.0 branch * Schema definitions moved to array constants instead of default property values * Simplified PaginatorInterface * Reactor component moved in * Debugger (log manager) component removed * Improved implementation of Tokenizer component * Lazy wire declaration for FactoryInterface

Core * ScoperInterface moved into Framework bundle * Container now validates scalar agument types when supplied by user

DBAL * Improved polyfills for SQLServer * Improved SQL injection prevention * Improved timezone management * Refactoring of DBAL schemas * Bugfixes

* Unions with ordering in SQLServer
* Invalid parameter handling for update queries with nested selection

* Pagination classes are immutable now * Ability to use nested queries in JOIN statements * on argument in join() methods is deprecated, use on() function directly

Models * Removed features

* Embedded validations
* Magic getter and setter methods via __call()

* setValue and packValue methods added * "fields" property is now private * SolidableTrait is now part of models

ORM * Refactoring of SchemaBuilder * RecordSelector does not extend SelectQuery anymore * Transactional (UnitOfWork) support * Improvements in memory mapping * Improvements in tree operations (save) * Removed features

* ActiveRecord thought direct table communication
* MutableNumber accessor
* Validations

* Bugfixes

* ManyToMany relations to non-saved records
* BelongsToRelation to non-saved records

* Definition of morphed relations must be explicit now * All ORM entities MUST have proper primary key now * Ability to define custom column types in combination with accessors * Relation loaders and schemas are immutable now * Memory scope are optional now * Record does not have "source" method by default now (see SourceTrait) * Optimizations in load method with "using" option * Added late bindings (locate outer record based on Interface or role name) * Added detach() method into HasMany relation

Stempler * StemplerLoader synced with Twig abstraction, StemplerSource introduced * SourceContext (twig like) have been added

ODM * Moved to latest PHP7 mongo drivers * Removed features

 * Validations

* Removed parent document reference in compositions * Scalar array split into multiple versions * CompositableInterface improved * Document does not have "source" method by default now (see SourceTrait)

Storage * Improved implementation of RackspaceServer * Added GridFS server support