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File: radius_install.cmd

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File: radius_install.cmd
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Release
Class: multiOTP PHP class
Authenticate and manage OTP strong user tokens
Author: By
Last change: New release
ENH: Better docker support (also for Synology)
ENH: Add Raspberry Pi Bullseye 11.0 support
New release
FIX: Token "Without2FA" where not working all time with LDAP users
ENH: Embedded Windows nginx edition updated to version 1.21.6
ENH: Embedded Windows PHP edition updated to version 7.4.29
ENH: New MariaDB/MySQL indexes handling during schema creation and schema updates
ENH: Enhanced internal tests
ENH: Telnyx SMS provider support
ENH: PHP 7.4 deprecated code cleaned
ENH: Email token is now supported for Credential Provider
ENH: In CLI check, if username doesn't exist, it try automatically a shorter domain name step by step
ENH: Enhanced multiOTP Credential Provider support
ENH: VM version 011 support
(Debian Bullseye 11.0, PHP 7.4, FreeRADIUS 3.0.21, Nginx 1.18.0)
ENH: Removed multicast support on the network card Added compatibility with new multiOTP Credential Provider
New release
FIX: Dockerfile updated (php-bcmath added)
New release
ENH: eDirectory LDAP server support (set the LDAP server type value to 4)
ENH: Raspberry content also in source file
New release
FIX: Cookie privacy (httponly and secure) backported to previous virtual appliances
ENH: Weak SSL ciphers disabled
ENH: Better Docker support
ENH: Better log handling
New release
FIX: In some cases, the HOTP/TOTP was not well computed
New release
FIX: Too many ReadConfigData loop during initialization
FIX: Better unicode handling, multibyte fonctions also for mb_substr()
FIX: A device file was searched with the name of the FreeRADIUS Client-Shortname
ENH: Enhanced Web GUI accounts list (green=AD/LDAP synced, orange = delayed, red=locked)
ENH: -sync-delete-retention-days= option is set by default to 30 days
ENH: VM version 010 support (Debian Buster 10.5, PHP 7.3, FreeRADIUS 3.0.17)
ENH: MySQL optimization
ENH: Enhanced windows command line scripts (automatic administrator level)
ENH: New -sync-delete-retention-days= option in order to purge inexistent AD/LDAP users (SetSyncDeleteRetentionDays and GetSyncDeleteRetentionDays method)
ENH: Raspberry Pi 4B support
ENH: New unified distribution
ENH: Debian Buster 10.5 support
ENH: Enhanced PHP 7.3 support
ENH: Better mysqli support for alternate connection port
New release
FIX: Separated configuration/statistics storage handling
FIX: IsTemporaryBadServer function (thanks to brownowski on GitHub)
ENH: Better PHP 7.3 support
ENH: Base32 encoder/decoder new implementation
ENH: During WriteConfigData, loop on the current values, and check with the old values
ENH: Enhanced internal tests
ENH: Give an info if time based token is probably out of sync (in a window 10 time bigger)
(for example for hardware tokens not used for a long time)
ENH: Modifications for Debian 10.x (buster) binary images support (64 bits)
ENH: Enhanced error messages, more log information
ENH: In debug mode, display an error if logfile cannot be written
ENH: Global Access-Challenge support
ENH: New QRcode library used (without external files dependency)
ENH: New Raspberry images support for Raspberry Pi 1B/1B+/2B/3B/3B+
Date: 8 months ago
Size: 8,709 bytes


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@ECHO OFF REM ************************************************************ REM @file radius_install.cmd REM @brief Script to install the radius service. REM REM multiOTP - Strong two-factor authentication PHP class package REM https://www\ REM REM Windows batch file for Windows 2K/XP/2003/7/2008/8/2012/10 REM REM @author Andre Liechti, SysCo systemes de communication sa, <> REM @version REM @date 2022-05-08 REM @since 2013-08-20 REM @copyright (c) 2013-2022 SysCo systemes de communication sa REM @copyright GNU Lesser General Public License REM REM REM Description REM REM radius_install is a small script that will install the REM radius server of multiOTP under Windows using freeradius. REM ( REM REM REM Usage REM REM The script must be launched in the top folder of multiOTP. REM Default ports are 1812 and 1813 REM REM REM Licence REM REM Copyright (c) 2013-2022 SysCo systemes de communication sa REM SysCo (tm) is a trademark of SysCo systemes de communication sa REM ( REM All rights reserved. REM REM This file is part of the multiOTP project. REM REM REM Users feedbacks and comments REM REM 2013-08-21 Henk van der Helm (again ;-) REM Thanks Henk for his first valuable feedback with some bugs reports REM REM REM Change Log REM REM 2020-12-11 SysCo/al Do an automatic "Run as administrator" if needed REM Don't delete the _radius_multiotp_folder_alternate environment variable REM 2018-09-14 SysCo/al Compatibility mode to Windows 7 automatically added for radiusd.exe REM 2017-05-29 SysCo/al Unified script with some bug fixes REM Alternate authentication executable support REM 2016-11-04 SysCo/al Unified file header REM 2016-10-16 SysCo/al Version synchronisation REM 2015-07-15 SysCo/al Replace the localhost configuration by REM 2014-03-27 4.2.4 SysCo/al More generic usage REM 2013-08-25 4.0.6 SysCo/al Service can also be set in the command line REM (radius_install [auth_port [account_port [service_tag [service_name]]]]) REM 2013-08-21 4.0.5 SysCo/al Fix the mix between _port and _auth_port in the script REM The service is now *really* using the defined ports REM Ports can be set in the command line REM 2013-08-20 4.0.4 SysCo/al Initial release REM REM ************************************************************ NET SESSION >NUL 2>&1 IF NOT %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 ( ECHO WARNING! Please run this script as an administrator, otherwise it will fail. ECHO Elevating privileges... REM PING > NUL 2>&1 CD /d %~dp0 MSHTA "javascript: var shell = new ActiveXObject('shell.application'); shell.ShellExecute('%~nx0', '', '', 'runas', 1);close();" EXIT REM PAUSE REM EXIT /B 1 ) :NoWarning SET _radius_secret=multiotpsecret REM Ports variables are not overwritten if already defined IF "%_auth_port%"=="" SET _auth_port=1812 IF "%_account_port%"=="" SET _account_port=1813 REM Define the service tag and the service name SET _service_tag=multiOTPradius SET _service_name=multiOTP Radius server REM Define the executable SET _radius_multiotp=../../multiotp.exe IF NOT "%_radius_multiotp_alternate%"=="" SET _radius_multiotp=%_radius_multiotp_alternate% REM Ports and service information can be overwritten if passing parameters IF NOT "%1"=="" SET _auth_port=%1 IF NOT "%2"=="" SET _account_port=%2 IF NOT "%3"=="" SET _service_tag=%3 IF NOT "%4"=="" SET _service_name=%4 IF NOT "%5"=="" SET _service_name=%_service_name% %5 IF NOT "%6"=="" SET _service_name=%_service_name% %6 IF NOT "%7"=="" SET _service_name=%_service_name% %7 IF NOT "%8"=="" SET _service_name=%_service_name% %8 IF NOT "%9"=="" SET _service_name=%_service_name% %9 REM Define the current folder SET _radius_multiotp_folder=%~d0%~p0 IF NOT "%_radius_multiotp_folder_alternate%"=="" SET _radius_multiotp_folder=%_radius_multiotp_folder_alternate% SET _radius_folder=%~d0%~p0 SET _tools_folder=%~d0%~p0tools\ IF NOT EXIST %_radius_folder%radius SET _radius_folder=%~d0%~p0..\ IF NOT EXIST %_tools_folder%FART.exe SET _tools_folder=%~d0%~p0..\tools\ REM Stop and delete the service (if already existing) SC stop %_service_tag% >NUL SC delete %_service_tag% >NUL REM Create the multiotp module for the radius server ECHO # Exec module instance for multiOTP (https://www\>%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\modules\multiotp ECHO exec multiotp {>>%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\modules\multiotp ECHO wait = yes>>%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\modules\multiotp ECHO input_pairs = request>>%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\modules\multiotp ECHO output_pairs = reply>>%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\modules\multiotp ECHO program = "%_radius_multiotp% -base-dir=%_radius_multiotp_folder% -keep-local -log -debug **"%%{User-Name}**" **"%%{User-Password}**" -src=%%{Packet-Src-IP-Address} -chap-challenge=%%{CHAP-Challenge} -chap-password=%%{CHAP-Password} -ms-chap-challenge=%%{MS-CHAP-Challenge} -ms-chap-response=%%{MS-CHAP-Response} -ms-chap2-response=%%{MS-CHAP2-Response}">>%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\modules\multiotp ECHO shell_escape = yes>>%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\modules\multiotp ECHO }>>%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\modules\multiotp REM Sorry, this is an *ugly* trick to change "\" to "/" with the FART tool %_tools_folder%FART "%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\modules\multiotp" "\\" "!!!/!!!" >NUL %_tools_folder%FART --remove "%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\modules\multiotp" "!!!" >NUL %_tools_folder%FART "%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\modules\multiotp" "**" "\\" >NUL REM Customize the etc/raddb/radiusd.conf configuration file COPY "%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\radiusd.template.conf" "%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\radiusd.conf" /Y >NUL %_tools_folder%FART "%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\radiusd.conf" "_auth_port" "%_auth_port%" >NUL %_tools_folder%FART "%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\radiusd.conf" "_account_port" "%_account_port%" >NUL REM Customize the etc/raddb/clients.conf configuration file COPY "%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\clients.template.conf" "%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\clients.conf" /Y >NUL %_tools_folder%FART "%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\clients.conf" "_radius_secret" "%_radius_secret%" >NUL %_tools_folder%FART "%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\clients.conf" "ipaddr =" "ipaddr =" >NUL %_tools_folder%FART "%_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb\clients.conf" "client localhost" "client" >NUL REM Create the service SC create %_service_tag% binPath= "%_radius_folder%radius\SRVANY.EXE" start= auto displayname= "%_service_name%" >NUL SC description %_service_tag% "Runs the %_service_name% on ports %_auth_port%/%_account_port%." >NUL REM Define the parameters of the service (launched by SRVANY) REG ADD "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\%_service_tag%\Parameters" /f /v Application /t REG_SZ /d "%_radius_folder%radius\sbin\radiusd.exe" >NUL REG ADD "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\%_service_tag%\Parameters" /f /v AppParameters /t REG_SZ /d "-X -d %_radius_folder%radius\etc\raddb" >NUL REG ADD "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\%_service_tag%\Parameters" /f /v AppDirectory /t REG_SZ /d "%_radius_folder%radius\sbin" >NUL REM Define the compatibility mode to Windows 7 for radiusd REG ADD "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers" /f /v "%_radius_folder%radius\sbin\radiusd.exe" /t REG_SZ /d "WIN7RTM" >NUL REM Basic firewall rules for the service netsh firewall delete allowedprogram "%_radius_folder%radius\sbin\radiusd.exe" >NUL netsh firewall add allowedprogram "%_radius_folder%radius\sbin\radiusd.exe" "%_service_name%" ENABLE >NUL REM Enhanced firewall rules for the service netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name="%_service_name%" >NUL netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="%_service_name%" dir=in action=allow program="%_radius_folder%radius\sbin\radiusd.exe" enable=yes >NUL REM Start the service SC start %_service_tag% >NUL REM Clean the environment variables SET _account_port= SET _auth_port= SET _radius_multiotp_folder= SET _radius_multiotp= SET _radius_folder= SET _radius_secret= SET _service_name= SET _service_tag= SET _tools_folder=