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File: webservice_uninstall.cmd

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File: webservice_uninstall.cmd
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Release
Class: multiOTP PHP class
Authenticate and manage OTP strong user tokens
Author: By
Last change: New release
ENH: Better docker support (also for Synology)
ENH: Add Raspberry Pi Bullseye 11.0 support
New release
FIX: Token "Without2FA" where not working all time with LDAP users
ENH: Embedded Windows nginx edition updated to version 1.21.6
ENH: Embedded Windows PHP edition updated to version 7.4.29
ENH: New MariaDB/MySQL indexes handling during schema creation and schema updates
ENH: Enhanced internal tests
ENH: Telnyx SMS provider support
ENH: PHP 7.4 deprecated code cleaned
ENH: Email token is now supported for Credential Provider
ENH: In CLI check, if username doesn't exist, it try automatically a shorter domain name step by step
ENH: Enhanced multiOTP Credential Provider support
ENH: VM version 011 support
(Debian Bullseye 11.0, PHP 7.4, FreeRADIUS 3.0.21, Nginx 1.18.0)
ENH: Removed multicast support on the network card Added compatibility with new multiOTP Credential Provider
New release
FIX: Dockerfile updated (php-bcmath added)
New release
ENH: eDirectory LDAP server support (set the LDAP server type value to 4)
ENH: Raspberry content also in source file
New release
FIX: Cookie privacy (httponly and secure) backported to previous virtual appliances
ENH: Weak SSL ciphers disabled
ENH: Better Docker support
ENH: Better log handling
New release
FIX: In some cases, the HOTP/TOTP was not well computed
New release
FIX: Too many ReadConfigData loop during initialization
FIX: Better unicode handling, multibyte fonctions also for mb_substr()
FIX: A device file was searched with the name of the FreeRADIUS Client-Shortname
ENH: Enhanced Web GUI accounts list (green=AD/LDAP synced, orange = delayed, red=locked)
ENH: -sync-delete-retention-days= option is set by default to 30 days
ENH: VM version 010 support (Debian Buster 10.5, PHP 7.3, FreeRADIUS 3.0.17)
ENH: MySQL optimization
ENH: Enhanced windows command line scripts (automatic administrator level)
ENH: New -sync-delete-retention-days= option in order to purge inexistent AD/LDAP users (SetSyncDeleteRetentionDays and GetSyncDeleteRetentionDays method)
ENH: Raspberry Pi 4B support
ENH: New unified distribution
ENH: Debian Buster 10.5 support
ENH: Enhanced PHP 7.3 support
ENH: Better mysqli support for alternate connection port
New release
FIX: Separated configuration/statistics storage handling
FIX: IsTemporaryBadServer function (thanks to brownowski on GitHub)
ENH: Better PHP 7.3 support
ENH: Base32 encoder/decoder new implementation
ENH: During WriteConfigData, loop on the current values, and check with the old values
ENH: Enhanced internal tests
ENH: Give an info if time based token is probably out of sync (in a window 10 time bigger)
(for example for hardware tokens not used for a long time)
ENH: Modifications for Debian 10.x (buster) binary images support (64 bits)
ENH: Enhanced error messages, more log information
ENH: In debug mode, display an error if logfile cannot be written
ENH: Global Access-Challenge support
ENH: New QRcode library used (without external files dependency)
ENH: New Raspberry images support for Raspberry Pi 1B/1B+/2B/3B/3B+
Date: 6 months ago
Size: 3,118 bytes


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@ECHO OFF REM ************************************************************ REM @file webservice_uninstall.cmd REM @brief Script to uninstall the web service. REM REM multiOTP - Strong two-factor authentication PHP class package REM https://www\ REM REM Windows batch file for Windows 2K/XP/2003/7/2008/8/2012/10 REM REM @author Andre Liechti, SysCo systemes de communication sa, <> REM @version REM @date 2022-05-08 REM @since 2013-08-09 REM @copyright (c) 2013-2022 SysCo systemes de communication sa REM @copyright GNU Lesser General Public License REM REM REM Description REM REM webservice_uninstall is a small script that will uninstall REM the web service of multiOTP under Windows using Nginx. REM ( REM REM REM Usage REM REM The script must be launched in the top folder of multiOTP. REM REM REM Licence REM REM Copyright (c) 2013-2022 SysCo systemes de communication sa REM SysCo (tm) is a trademark of SysCo systemes de communication sa REM ( REM All rights reserved. REM REM This file is part of the multiOTP project. REM REM REM Change Log REM REM 2020-12-11 SysCo/al Do an automatic "Run as administrator" if needed REM 2018-11-13 SysCo/al Detection to know if something must be stopped REM 2017-05-29 SysCo/al Unified script with some bug fixes REM 2017-01-10 SysCo/al The web server is now Nginx instead of Mongoose REM 2016-11-04 SysCo/al Unified file header REM 2016-10-16 SysCo/al Version synchronisation REM 2015-07-15 SysCo/al Version synchronisation REM 2013-08-23 4.0.6 SysCo/al Enhanced options REM 2013-08-21 4.0.5 Service name can be given as a parameter REM 2013-08-19 4.0.4 SysCo/al Initial release REM REM ************************************************************ NET SESSION >NUL 2>&1 IF NOT %ERRORLEVEL% == 0 ( ECHO WARNING! Please run this script as an administrator, otherwise it will fail. ECHO Elevating privileges... REM PING > NUL 2>&1 CD /d %~dp0 MSHTA "javascript: var shell = new ActiveXObject('shell.application'); shell.ShellExecute('%~nx0', '', '', 'runas', 1);close();" EXIT REM PAUSE REM EXIT /B 1 ) :NoWarning SET _service_tag=multiOTPservice IF NOT "%1"=="" SET _service_tag=%1 SET _folder=%~d0%~p0 SET _web_folder=%~d0%~p0 IF NOT EXIST %_web_folder%webservice SET _web_folder=%~d0%~p0..\ netsh firewall delete allowedprogram "%_folder%webservice\nginx.exe" >NUL netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name="%_service_tag%" >NUL SC queryex type= service state= all | FIND "%_service_tag%" >NUL IF ERRORLEVEL 1 GOTO NoService ECHO Stop and remove the service %_service_tag% "%_web_folder%webservice\nssm" stop "%_service_tag%" >NUL "%_web_folder%webservice\nssm" remove "%_service_tag%" confirm >NUL :NoService TASKLIST | FIND "php-cgi.exe" >NUL IF NOT ERRORLEVEL 1 TASKKILL /F /IM php-cgi.exe >NUL SET _folder= SET _web_folder=