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Class: Polr Admin Dashboard
Another admin dashboard for the Polr URL shortener
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Polr Admin

An alternative admin dashboard for the Polr URL shortener.

The goal is to provide a dashboard for managing multiple Polr instances.

This dashboard is packaged as a Jaxon extension, so it can be installed on any running PHP web application.

The Polr API package needs to be installed on each instance of Polr to be managed.


The features are mostly the same as Polr, but with few differences.

  • The Settings tab allows to choose a Polr instance from a dropdown list.
  • The dashboard can display stats for all links.
  • The user creation and deletion, link redirection and password change features are not included.
  • AngularJS is dropped in favor of Jaxon
  • The package is a Jaxon extension, and not a standalone application.
  • All features are fully implemented with Ajax, using Jaxon.

Jaxon package

Depending on the PHP framework used by the application, a different Jaxon package must be installed and configured together with Polr Admin.

Jaxon packages exist for the following frameworks:

In the case an unsupported framework (or no framework) is used, the Armada package must be installed instead.

The Jaxon packages are documented online.

The following example uses to the Laravel framework, but the same principles apply to other frameworks.


Add the package in the composer.json file, and run composer update.

    "require": {
        "jaxon-php/jaxon-laravel": "~2.0",
        "lagdo/polr-admin": "dev-master"

This package uses the Blade template engine to display its views. As a consequence, when using a framework other than Laravel, the Blade package for Jaxon must also be installed.

    "require": {
        "jaxon-php/jaxon-codeigniter": "~2.0",
        "jaxon-php/jaxon-blade": "~2.0",
        "lagdo/polr-admin": "dev-master"

Add Jaxon to the providers entries in app.php.

    'providers' => [
        // ...
        // Jaxon Ajax library

Publish the public files.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=public --force

Publish the config files.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Jaxon\Laravel\JaxonServiceProvider" --tag="config"

This will create the jaxon.php files in the config dir.


Manually create and edit the config/polradmin.php config file, to list the Polr intances to be managed.

return [
    'default' => 'first',
    'endpoints' => [
        'first' => [
            'name'       => 'First Instance', // The name of this instance for dropdown menu
            'url'        => '',
            'api'        => 'api/v2',
            'key'        => 'PolrApiKey', // The user API key on the Polr instance

Page template

The package provides various functions returning the HTML, Javascript and CSS codes to be inserted into a template.

Let's consider the following Laravel controller, where the Jaxon instance is injected in the index() method and passed to a template.

use Jaxon\Laravel\Jaxon;
use Lagdo\Polr\Admin\PolrAdmin;

class PolrController extends Controller
    public function index(Jaxon $jaxon)
        // Get the Polr Admin instance
        $polr = $jaxon->package('polr.admin');
        // Load the Polr Admin configuration

        // Register Jaxon classes

        return view('index', ['jaxon' => $jaxon, 'polr' => $polr]);

The following calls will return the codes to be inserted in the template.

  • $jaxon->css(): The Jaxon CSS includes.
  • $jaxon->js(): The Jaxon Javascript includes.
  • $jaxon->script(): The Jaxon Javascript code.
  • $polr->css(): The Polr Admin CSS includes.
  • $polr->js(): The Polr Admin Javascript includes.
  • $polr->html(): The Polr Admin HTML code.
  • $polr->ready(): The Javascript code to run on page ready.

So a sample template will look like this.


{!! $jaxon->css() !!}

{!! $polr->css() !!}


{!! $polr->html() !!}


{!! $jaxon->js() !!}
{!! $jaxon->script() !!}

{!! $polr->js() !!}

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
    {!! $polr->ready() !!}

Notice for other frameworks

When using a framework other than Laravel, the Jaxon object is an instance of a different class. The config file path (maybe its format too), the controller and the template engine are also different.